If You Have Kids In Your Life Then This Is For You

If You Have Kids In Your Life Then This Is For You

Being “Stuck At Home”

As the world tries to flatten the curve of this global pandemic, over a billion children are out of school.

Many parents are having to work at home and/or homeschool their kids for the first time ever. And family time has gone from a leisure activity to an all-day affair, which presents a whole new array of joys and challenges.

Balancing work, day-to-day responsibilities, and your children’s education has become infinitely more difficult than ever. Because as precious as extra time with family is, having little ones running around your desk screaming during a conference call isn’t the most conducive for concentration.

Understandably, many of us are counting down the clock until this chaos passes over and we can return to our normal lives.

But until then, this unique time actually presents an incredible opportunity to nurture, guide, and connect with our children in a profound new way.

Your New Parenting Playbook

Vishen and his kids
Hayden, Vishen, and Eve Lakhiani at Mindvalley University 2019

Raising kids is easily one of the most difficult, rewarding, and vitally important jobs we could ever have.

And while schools and teachers around the world have come up with incredibly innovative and creative ways to teach children virtually, we want to do our part to serve parents during this difficult period too.

A few months ago our founder and CEO, Vishen launched a brand new parenting division of Mindvalley called Little Humans.

This new online education platform brings together 12 of the world’s top parenting coaches in online courses to help guide and support parents through the inevitable ups and downs of raising kids.

And as part of a coaching program, these 12 experts were brought in again for a Live Calls Series on Zoom to help train viewers on key parenting skills, originally costing $400.

But with the global crisis we’re all facing, Vishen wanted to help those who can’t afford or aren’t able to enroll in the program, so he decided to make these training sessions completely FREE for anyone who wants to join.

What We Will Be Discussing

In this Live Calls Series, there will be three leading experts training you on a critical parenting topic each week for four weeks, and the entire series will be hosted by Vishen’s dear friends and co-founders of Little Humans, Renee and Akira.

Some of the key topics that will be covered are:

  • Keep your kids healthy: The 3 most common infectious diseases in childhood (including coronavirus) and how to manage it.
  • Homeschooling with simplicity: How to make sure your children’s educational needs are met without burning them out.
  • Supporting anxious children: How to soothe your children’s stress and your own.
  • Your children and technology: How to balance screen time and help foster healthy habits with technology.
  • Daily rituals for flow: How to build a daily routine that will give your days rhythm and structure.
  • Breaking unhealthy food habits: How to nurture your children’s and your own immune system.
  • And there’s WAY more where that came from…

I’m In! Now What?

You can sign up for this Live Call Series on the Little Humans website completely free. 

And if you enjoy the free Live Calls Series and want to hear more from these incredible teachers, you can also enroll in the full Little Humans program at any time.

During this unpredictable and unnerving time, we need to serve you and the rest of the Mindvalley community as best we can so help us spread the word.

If you know any parents, coaches, teachers, or caregivers that could benefit from these courses please send the link their way.

This is a time for us to rise up together. 

So instead of struggling and stressing our way through this crisis, let’s take this time to learn, grow, and uplift the next generation.