Super Entrepreneur Tom Bilyeu On How Your Belief Becomes Truth

Have you wondered how Tom Bilyeu managed to create the second fastest growing private company in North America? Well, it started when he watched the cult film, The Matrix.

In this 4-minute clip from Mindvalley’s A-
Fest 2016 Mexico, Tom shares how the movie impacted his beliefs. Begin to shift your beliefs with his transformational insights.

  • (0:25) — Learn how taking the “red pill” gave him the intellectual frameworkhe needed in his life;
  • (1:05) — Tom ties in David Foster Wallace’s concept of “This Is Water” with the same thing that keeps us from becoming who we truly want to be;
  • (2:20) — This super entrepreneur once took pride in calling himself “The King of Remedial Jobs” but something shifted in his beliefs since then;
  • (4:00) — With his newfound realization, Tom also shares the fundamental purpose of his life.

Here’s one of the enlightening quotes Tom referred to in his amazing talk:

“One can have no smaller or greater mastery
than mastery of oneself.”
– Leonardo Da Vinci

If you would like to learn more of Tom’s approach to business and life, watch his discussion with Vishen Lakhiani here

Was there a movie that shifted your beliefs? Like Tom, have you discovered your fundamental purpose in life? Share your story with us in the comments below.



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