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Body What Does Yoga Mean To You? Here’s How Yoga Changed The Life Of 5 Different People

What Does Yoga Mean To You? Here’s How Yoga Changed The Life Of 5 Different People

When you practice yoga once a week, you change your mind. When you practice twice a week, you change your body. When you practice every day, it will change your life.

About The Video

What does yoga mean to you?

Ask anyone who practices yoga on a regular basis — and they will tell you they’ve experienced profound shifts.

But for every person, the answer to this question is different; because all our needs, histories, and goals are different.

That’s what makes yoga beautiful: it’s for everyone, but your personal yoga journey will look different from anyone else’s.

That’s why yoga is a key part of our personal growth here at Mindvalley — and since so many of our team members practice yoga, we decided to create an entire Quest around it.

We asked several members of our team to answer this question and share how yoga has changed their lives. Each of them has a different story. Each of them has a different life. Each of them practices differently. But all of them are embracing the positive changes that yoga continues to create in their lives.

As our Tribe Facilitator Ana Juma says, “Yoga helps me reduce the space between the person I am today and the person I want to become.” Join us in the new Mindvalley Yoga Quest if you’re ready to transform your own life.

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