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How Sharing Your Most Vulnerable Stories Can Heal You [Video]

by Olla Abbas October 4, 2018

What happens when you’re able to share your most vulnerable stories – even if only with yourself?

In this video, Olla Abbas, Events Director at Mindvalley shares a personal story that demonstrates the transformational power of authenticity.

About The Video

If our stories are the Lego bricks of our lives, some of those pieces are easier to put together than others.

But the more complicated pieces can’t be ignored either since we would not be complete without them. They’re the stories that are difficult to talk about, sometimes, even difficult to think about.

Olla Abbas kicked off Mindvalley Reunion with a powerfully authentic story that shows us how our most difficult stories can help us ultimately heal. If you want a boost of courage to face those difficult stories in your own past, watch this deeply moving personal talk.

It is truly an inspiration, and an invitation, to be honestly and purely vulnerable.

Most people think that learning is the key to self-development

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Did you discover a “Lego brick” in your life watching this talk? We’d love to hear your story in the comments below.

by Olla Abbas
As a teenager, Olla left Sudan, her home country to travel across the world and become a biomedical engineer. During her journey, she discovered her curiosity for cultures and people and landed in the arms of personal growth, her newfound passion, that made her shift her entire career. Today, she's an Events Director at Mindvalley running Mindvalley's grandest events around the globe and speaking on their stages.

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