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How To Use Your Desires As The Universe’s GPS

by Emily Fletcher January 15, 2018

About The Video

Have you asked yourself recently, “What do I want?”

That question is so simple, so powerful and yet we often forget to ask it. Knowing other people’s opinions and needs can be valuable — but only if you know your desires first and foremost.

By tuning into your own desires, you can achieve your dreams much easier and much, much faster. But how do you know when your desires come from intuition — or from an addictive longing?

In this 20-minute talk from Mindvalley A-Fest Mexico 2016, one of the world’s leading meditation experts and founder of Ziva Meditation, Emily Fletcher, shares how to use your desires as Nature’s GPS.

The Best Highlights

  • (1:28) — These 4 questions you can use as a framework for life and discover the power of our intuition and desires;
  • (8:40) — You’ll discover the science behind why meditation helps you distinguish between an addictive longing and an intuitive desire;
  • (14:44) — Emily explains how the bliss that meditation brings will maximize your impact in this world;
  • (16:08) — You’ll learn how to quiet the mental chatter that interferes with your intuition, so you don’t lose energy by making the wrong choices.

Watch this full talk to learn how to use your desires as Nature’s GPS.

What are your answers to the 4 questions?

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by Emily Fletcher
Emily Fletcher is one of the world’s leading experts in meditation. She’s been invited to teach at places like Google, Harvard Business School and The Omega — but that’s a stark contrast to the busy, stressed Broadway performer that she was years earlier. During her 10-year career on Broadway, which included roles in Chicago, The Producers and A Chorus Line, she started to go grey at 27, suffer from insomnia and get sick 4-5 times a year. Thankfully, she discovered a powerful meditation practice that cured her insomnia and improved her health on the first day. After years of studying ancient practices in India and teaching thousands of high performers, Emily created Ziva Meditation, a mental technique that combines the stress-relieving benefits of meditation with the mental clarity of mindfulness.

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