This Is How You Scale Empathy And Change The World

At Mindvalley’s A-Fest, Taylor Conroy, co-founder of shared how empathy has the power to change lives. This video might just alter the way you work, think and live your life.

About The Video

As the world grows more interconnected, empathy has become more and more important.

In fact, empathy is the most powerful tool for personal growth and mass societal improvement.

But how do you learn to move from a feeling to a collective movement for social good?

Taylor Conroy, the Chief Adventurer of Journey at, shares how he became a social entrepreneur and discovered that empathy could be scaled by the thousands.

Learn how to go beyond the emotion of empathy and effect real change.

Highlights from the talk

Taylor opened his stage at Mindvalley’s A-Fest Mexico with a story about his favorite entrepreneur and the lessons he learned from social entrepreneurship.

Lean in to hear the highlights:

  • (03:20) — You’ll learn whether empathy is learned or innate, based on an experiment with schoolchildren;
  • (06:44) — The highlight of Taylor’s trip to Africa was not what he expected when he discovered the devastating truth about the African children he visited;
  • (08:03) —Taylor shares how to scale empathy through innovative methods of fundraising — and get stunning campaign results that will blow your mind.

I believe that a world where we truly, genuinely feel empathetic, is a world that legitimately could not have war, gender inequality, (or even) poverty.

— Taylor Conroy

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