How To Save The World (In 2 Simple Steps)

How You Can Help To Save The World

The world is suffering — but how can you do your part to help?

“Wait a minute — you mean I can have better skin,
better parking karma, better sex and do my part to save the world?
Yes… it’s called Meditation.”

— Emily Fletcher

In her engaging and humorous talk from A-Fest Greece, Emily Fletcher discusses what she calls “The 3 Big Scaries” affecting the world today — climate change, terrorism, and “fake” food.

These problems often feel bigger than us, making us believe that as individuals we don’t have the means to stop them.

But that’s not the whole truth.

We can all take action.

There’s a way that we as individuals can reframe this trifecta of problems so what we take personal responsibility to overcome them, work together, and achieve true happiness.

We have to first understand that every problem in the world is a symptom of a deeper underlying imbalance.

Watch Emily’s insightful talk to learn more about the major problems we face in the world today, and discover how — with just two simple steps — you can heal the collective by healing yourself.

Here are some key ideas shared in the talk:

  • (01:51) — A moving explanation of “The Big 3 Scaries” and their underlying imbalances;
  • (02:50) — The mistaken belief of the “I’ll be happy when…” syndrome;
  • (08:41) — A poignant but funny description of why there is no “away”;
  • (12:35) — The surprising neuroscience behind the 2 simple steps to save the world;
  • (15:05) — The inspiring statistics and studies showing the growing goodness in the world;
  • (16:40) — The convincing reason we need to invest in ourselves now.

You are powerful enough to make the world a better place — and it starts with two simple steps.

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