How To Make The Impossible, Possible

How To Make Your “Impossible” Dreams Become A Reality

How many of us wanted to fly to the moon when we were younger? Or become a world-famous singer or artist? How many of us wanted to save — or at least change — the world?

When we’re kids, we embrace our dreams with joy but as we become adults, we start prioritizing the probable realities over our “impossible” goals.

Yet the impossible powers our modern world:

In the upcoming years, self-driving cars are going to solve our traffic problems, “smart” contact lens will transform how we monitor diseases, drones might start taking our selfies, and virtual reality could train us to be more empathetic.

People like Elon Musk, Oprah Winfrey, J.K. Rowling and Steve Jobs tapped into possibilities invisible to the rest of the world, even overcoming the scepticism of loved ones and investors alike to pursue their dreams.

And every single person who has ever done anything truly extraordinary has only had one thing in common: the confidence to keep moving in the direction of their dreams.

Becoming Irresistible And Attracting The Life You Want

Sometimes we turn away from the life we want because we don’t see how capable we are. We falter because it’s uncomfortable moving forward with a big change — whether that’s taking the stage or starting a business or choosing a new career.

How To Make everything possible

Dreams are meant to feel impossible.

But true joy exists outside of our comfort zones, in the process of actualizing our dreams one step at a time.

In this inspiring and personable 12-minute talk from Mindvalley A-Fest Mexico 2016, serial entrepreneur Eric Edmeades visually maps out the journey we take to achieve our dreams, and simplifies the law of attraction: enjoy what you do.

Instead of doing what’s comfortable to make money and scavenge a few moments of enjoyment, we need to focus on enjoying ourselves so that we can attract the right opportunities into our life.

Studies show that when we do what we enjoy, we make more money, we’re more productive, we have more motivation, we’re better leaders and we inspire others.

And when we enjoy what we do, we become irresistible to new opportunities and our wildest dreams.

The Best Highlights

  • (0:56) — The three questions to ask before you make a decision if you want to attract all the right opportunities in every area of your life;
  • (2:57) — How to change your beliefs so that you can go from 1% possible to 100% actual, one step at a time;
  • (5:52) — The simple strategy you need to find those invisible opportunities and avoid turning away from your dreams;
  • (7:29) — Eric’s story of serendipity that shows how to expand your vision and draw magic into your life.

Join other brilliant minds at Mindvalley A-Fest and learn how you can take your life’s purpose to the next level.

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