How To Hack Your Mind (The 2 Levers That Make Us Who We Are)

If you want to improve your health, increase your happiness and boost your progress, learn how to hack your mind. In the video above Vishen Lakhiani shares how you can do that by focusing on two specific “levers.”

The “Models of Reality” and “Systems for Living” that can shift our human potential

In this video filmed at Mindvalley’s Awesomeness Fest, Mexico 2014, Vishen discusses Consciousness Engineering, a method for shifting human potential by adjusting the two levers that define who you are.

He calls the first one your “Models of Reality,” and the other one your “Systems for Living.”

Vishen has found that it’s these two things that determine your health, happiness, and progress, with everything – from love to work.

“These two things are highly swappable.
When you realise this, you can constantly grow.”

– Vishen Lakhiani

There are always new ways to enhance your body, develop your brain power, exercise, make money and build relationships.

By understanding how to hack your Models of Reality and Systems for Living, you can create amazing growth, completely shape your reality, and elevate yourself as a human being.

You can swap in and out different ways of thinking, upgrade your daily activities, and transform your life whenever you like.

Just like you would with a computer.

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