How To Hack Your Mind (The 2 Levers That Make Us Who We Are)

If you want to improve your health, increase your happiness and boost your progress, learn how to hack your mind. In the video above, Vishen Lakhiani shares how you can do that by focusing on two specific “levers.”

The 2 Levers That Shift Human Potential

Have you ever wondered what defines a human being?

Mindvalley Founder Vishen Lakhiani believes it has to do with two things — an individual’s “models of reality” and “systems for a living.”

Vishen has found that it’s these two things that determine your health, happiness, and progress, with everything from love to work.

And in this video filmed at Mindvalley’s A-Fest, Mexico 2014, Vishen discusses Consciousness Engineering, a method for shifting human potential by adjusting these two levers.

There are always new ways to enhance your body, develop your brain power, exercise, make money and build relationships.

By understanding how to hack your Models of Reality and Systems for Living, you can create amazing growth, completely shape your reality, and elevate yourself as a human being.

You can swap in and out different ways of thinking, upgrade your daily activities, and transform your life whenever you like.

Just like you would with a computer.

3 Ways To Hack Your Mind

Consciousness engineering is the science behind how you create any kind of human change — in your personal life, in your family, and even in your organization.

We all have models of reality and systems for a living but most of the time, they’re unconscious. You can adopt new models and systems to function better in the world.

But what does consciousness engineering mean and what kind of work does it entail?

Below, there are three strategies for effectively, purposefully creating the changes you want to see for the life you want to live.

1) Understand what works and what doesn’t

This strategy is the most fundamental step. Most people go through their lives without attempting to understand what is at the root of their beliefs and behaviors. Did you inherit them? Are they trauma-based? Or did you develop them because you understand what works for you best?

People who are at a higher level of consciousness examine and re-examine what does and does not work in their life.

Often times, we move through the world in a certain way because of beliefs and systems we inherited. These include deeply-flawed brules.

But even if certain models and systems work for others, that doesn’t mean they work for you.  The most important strategy for consciousness engineering is to remove what’s not working in your life so you have more space for what is working in your life.

2) Deliberately go outside your comfort zone

Changing your life is not comfortable.

It involves showing up consistently, making the effort to change, challenging yourself by going out of your comfort zone, and leaving your excuses behind.

While the traditional education system doesn’t really teach us these lessons, almost all of us now have access to tools and information that can help us grow. From the content and programs here to books by experts to apps that help us program new behaviors, we can find what supports us in our growth.

But, at the end of the day, you have to take what you learn here and apply it to the real world — even when it’s outside of your immediate comfort zone.

3) Experiment like a scientist

In the video, Vishen proposes a very simple but profound truth:

Our internal models become our external reality.

He also explains multiple scientific studies that support how powerful our systems and beliefs are. In fact, Vishen says they show that “your version of reality doesn’t just impact you; they impact the people around you.”

That’s a lot of responsibility. You are creating your own reality  — and influencing others — all the time. Because of this, you will invariably need to experiment in order to find what works and what doesn’t.

Have you read about a system of living that you think could be helpful? Apply it for 30 days. See how it affects your results.

Did you have a new insight that could change your entire belief systems? Operate under the belief for a few weeks, and see if it helps you get to where you want to be. Hack your mind, so that you can hack your life.

After all, we’re not supposed to stagnate with the same models and systems forever. Change is inevitable, so we should choose to be conscious of it.

What kind of life do you want to lead? How do you need to update your belief systems in order to get there?

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