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Soul 4 Steps to Receive an Immediate Answer From Your Intuition (Infographic)

4 Steps to Receive an Immediate Answer From Your Intuition (Infographic)

Do you ever get a little lost in the world, and yearn to reconnect with your inner self again?

We live in a busy world. Often, our attention can be scattered as it’s drawn to the various tasks we need to complete daily. And in that process of life, our mind can become distracted from what is truly important to us. 

So lets take a moment to feel. To listen to your breath, and your heart. Because what you feel is real.

Creating Space To Feel

Coming at life from a centered place can empower you to do things you never thought were possible for you.

This is simply because spirit has a plan for you. It can guide you. Sometimes all we need is to step out of it’s way. To suspend disbelief, and ask our intuition.

Various limiting beliefs are conditioned to us throughout our lives. We’re taught we must be serious. To close off our emotions. And to be cold, and professional in our working life. Sometimes, this can even carry into our relationships too.

This often makes us feel that the intimacy we crave is totally out of reach. But you can empower yourself, by creating that for yourself.

It feels great to create a space for you to feel. A feeling space can be a healing space. An intimate space for you to be sweet and kind to yourself, so you can calm old fears, anxieties and concerns.

And it could be as simple as making some time for yourself. Giving yourself that little bit of stillness in the day might be the gift you were waiting for.

Finding that quiet moment, 10-20 minutes through your day, can be one of the most enriching and loving actions you can do to be kind to yourself.

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Asking Your Inner Guide

When you have a moment for yourself in the day, one of the best things you can do is to ask questions to your intuition.

To awaken your inner compass, and begin to follow its direction again. It may be one of the best ways to reconnect with yourself, and trust the spirit that works through you.

In this simple 4 step method Sonia Choquette, the #1 intuition expert in the world, will guide you to finding answers in your life, which direct you towards more abundance and joy. And who doesn’t want that!

And the best part is, tapping into the power of your intuition is so easy, anyone can do it:

When you open up to sourcing your attention within, you develop the courage to stand in your own power. And often, it’s those little things we can add to our day which makes the greatest change. 

So today, take a moment to remember to breathe. To feel your heart. And to ask yourself those intuitive questions which guide you along the way. Because your intuition is real. And you’re more powerful than you think. 

Intuition is not another clever thing to have on your checklist, it’s a connection, to yourself, to your true nature.

— Sonia Choquette

So today, walk the path that enlivens you and let your intuition be your guide

What are some of the questions you would like answered from your intuition?

Share your answers in the comments!

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