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Life at Mindvalley Why Our Education System Is Obsolete And 3 Ways We Can Fix It

Why Our Education System Is Obsolete And 3 Ways We Can Fix It

Our education system hasn’t been updated for over 100 years. Yet, there is a new phone being released onto the market every year. How can we fix an education system that has long become obsolete?

In his talk, Gautam Khetrapal, Head of Tribes & Local Events at Mindvalley and Founder of LifePlugin explains a new model called “The Wheel of Modern Education” inspired by Mindvalley’s education model.

He highlights the pain points of the world’s current education system and shares how we can create your own wheel for lifelong learning.

About The Video

Did you feel that the education you received as a child really prepared you for life?

Most schools teach us skills — but forget to teach us how to take care of our health, nurture meaningful relationships, and manage our wealth. They lack the skills so essential to design our life on our own terms.

And by the time we graduate, we are sick of learning and we stop educating ourselves.

When our journey of learning should never end. So how can we design our own education system? That’s exactly what Gautam Khetrapal shares in this talk.

He introduces a three-step model, called The Wheel of Modern Education which keeps learning exciting, meaningful, fun, and relevant — for the rest of our lives. Stay till the end as he shares his unique template that you can use to design your own learning journey.

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