The 72/20 Method: How To Fit Meditation Into Your Busy Day

Do you struggle to get more stillness in your life? Have you ever wondered how to fit meditation into your busy schedule?

Often it’s us busy people who need meditation the most. With the pace of life seeming to get faster and faster, and a thousand things on our to-do lists, one expert suggests a new approach. According to Meditation Instructor, Tom Cronin, finding the time for stillness in your life all comes down to a significant mental shift in how we look at time.

In the video above, Tom Cronin shares with us his perspective on time. And he explains how finding that time for himself led to one of the biggest breakthroughs of his life. He describes how meditation saved him. And he reveals the truth about meditation, and how it has the power to transform your own life for the better.

Meditation is “all about the body,” Tom says. We go through the world, storing stress in our bodies, and all the while our body is craving rest. Allowing your body to enter that deep state of rest, as in meditation, it naturally unlocks that stress. Here, your body reorganizes itself at a higher level.

And In the process, your mind and body work better, becoming clearer and more efficient. This is what happens each time you introduce those gaps back into your life. Those sweet moments of stillness that you can feel an inner calm. This is why meditation is essential for everyone, especially those leading busy lives.

Are You Having Thoughts During Meditation?

Finding stillness in your life is not only about finding the time. It’s also about using that time effectively. Have you ever had your peaceful meditation session interrupted by constant thinking? It’s certainly tough to maintain a meditation routine, if your left feeling more anxiety after it, than before. This must explain why it’s one of the main reasons people fail to maintain a consistent meditation practice. Tom Shares his perspective on this:

“Meditation may be the complete opposite of what you thought it was before” Tom Cronin

Far from being a sign that you are doing it wrong, he says, “It’s actually a sign that you are meditating very well.” In fact, it isn’t the absence of thought that leads to finding that inner stillness. It’s by going from being agitated by our thoughts, to just letting them pass by, that your inner calm emerges.

Now, your body and mind get to finally relax from that state of anxiety which was constantly running in the background. So instead of thinking of your thoughts as an interruption, you can think of it as the doorway for the stillness in your life to come back to you.

The 72/20 Method

If your anything like Tom, you are looking for results, without spending 2 hours per day in a meditation posture. He was looking for a technique that was fast, deep and blissful. Something that he could fit into his day easily, to free up stress and calm his mind.

And what he found wasn’t just a technique, it was a new way of life. A passion that he turned into a profession, to coach thousands of people around the world. It took him from a dark place, where he felt anxiety to even leave the house, to speak on the world stage, as a keynote speaker and leading meditation expert.

And in the video above, Tom shares his simple method, known as the 72/20 Method, which represents the “72, 20-minute segments in your full 24-hour day.”

By breaking down your day in this way, you’ll begin to see how easy it could be to set aside just two of those segments for your meditation practice — regardless of what type of meditation you practice. And he explains how it can lead to greater stillness in your life and greater peace in your mind.

Have you ever struggled to fit meditation into your day?

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