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How To Boost Testosterone And Last Longer In Bed

by Psalm Isadora January 16, 2018

What if you could improve your sexual performance, with simple lifestyle changes that are easy to do?

The Big T” is key to men’s sexual performance and satisfaction. In fact, testosterone is crucial to almost every area of the male body, from muscle growth to body fat. And healthy testosterone levels are essential for mental, physical, and sexual health.

Due to age and lifestyle factors though, testosterone levels can diminish over time. In fact, low ‘T’ levels are surprisingly common. This can result in reduced vitality and libido, as well as sexual dissatisfaction — both for men and their partners.

Thankfully though, there is a lot of scientific evidence and studies around the area of this healthy hormone. Thus, there are good guidelines out there to keep your “T” levels within a healthy range.

Easy Lifestyle Changes to Boost Testosterone

If you’d like to boost your testosterone levels, increase your libido, and become a more satisfying lover, these guidelines will get you on the right track:

Stress: decreasing the stress in your body is important for healthy testosterone levels. In fact, it’s one of the most important things you can do. Stress raises cortisol, which actually lowers testosterone. Thus, getting enough rest and sleep is important. You could even try meditation if you haven’t already.

Body-fat: Excess body fat causes a boost in Oestrogen. Thus, keeping a healthy body is essential, ideally with 10-20% body fat. As Dr. Gary Wittert – Head of the School of Medicine at the University of Adelaide, Australia suggests, “Weight loss has a predictable and linear relationship with increased testosterone naturally.” 

Diet: a healthy balanced diet of natural foods and few processed foods is ideal. Zinc, Magnesium and getting Vitamin D (ideally from sunlight) is particularly important. Some experts even recommend Cortiseps mushroom, ginger, and intermittent fasting.

Mental Health: letting go of negative thinking, resentment and anger are key to a healthy inner life. And this is crucial for a healthy hormone balance too. Upping your mental game can even increase your partner’s pleasure (for more, see video). 

Exercise: by far one of the easiest first steps to sorting this area in your life out is by working out. Not only does it boost testosterone, but growth hormone too. Weight lifting and high-intensity training can be of particular benefit, as mentioned in the video above. 

Psalm Isadora’s Testosterone Boosting Tips

In this video 4 minute, Psalm Isadora, Mindvalley Academy’s intimacy coach not only shares her testosterone boosting tips but also you’ll learn: 

  • (0:21) — How to gain vitality and increase testosterone through specific workouts;
  • (1:55) — How to up your mental game and ensure your partner’s pleasure;
  • (2:41) — How to build up your natural ability to feel pleasure;
  • (3:17) — How to use sexual tension to increase intimacy and ecstasy.

So if you’re ready to boost your testosterone, increase your libido, and become a more satisfying lover, this short video will teach you just that.

Do you have experience with lower testosterone, and want to improve it naturally?

Has raising your T levels brought the passion back into your life?

Share in the comments below!

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by Psalm Isadora
Psalm was one of the most transformational sex educators to grace Earth’s stage in the 21st century. She helped celebrities, CEOs and professional athletes rediscover their path to intimacy and ecstasy. Psalm’s foray into studying sexuality was triggered by the deep pain she endured during years of sexual trauma as a child raised in a Christian cult. That trauma led to her sexual awakening and deep passion for awakening the world’s awareness to the soul’s connection with sexuality. She shared her dreams with us, and we have come together to spread her message to the world.

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