How To Defy Convention And Become Truly Limitless

About The Video

At this year’s A-fest in Costa Rica, I spoke about how you can defy convention and become truly limitless.

I recently found out that it was voted “Best Speech” of the whole event.

I think this is one of the most important speeches I’ve ever delivered because I wanted to share 5 things I picked up from the extraordinary individuals on the Mindvalley Insiders program:

  • (4:32) — How 95% of humanity today is still in the “victim stage”;
  • (9:57) — The 2 ways our lives get auto-corrected by a higher power (Kensho and Satori);
  • (12:31) — How we can stop setting goals for ourselves and choose to intuitively receive guidance and direction;
  • (16:56) — The REAL goal in life and how nothing can make you as happy as living a mission-oriented life;
  • (22:27) — The four qualities that make up a limitless life.

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Do you believe you have access to a “limitless life”? We’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments below.

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