How To Be The BEST At Whatever You’re Doing

American football player and acclaimed stage performer, Bo Eason share his formula on how to be the BEST and embrace your greatness through your story; because you have what it takes to beat the odds.

Becoming The Best In The World

If you’ve never heard of Bo Eason before, then buckle up.

The man is an all-American athlete and actor who’s worked with legendary football players, actors and performers alike. Bo has successfully channeled his strength on the football field into his performance and powerful speeches on stages around the world.

Bo shares at Mindvalley’s A-Fest Mexico 2016 how the power of storytelling and your desire to become the best can change your life forever.

And the No. 1 rule of storytelling is otherwise known as the law of the jungle: The weak get eaten. Although the thought is rather unsettling, we cannot deny how the rules of mother nature have helped create our world today. Through evolution, starvation, famine, and the likes, we stand today stronger, healthier, and immune against what were once tragic causes of deaths.

Through sheer hard work alone and persistence to continuously strive to survive, we fulfill our basic human rights of pursuing a life we deem worth living.

Therefore, there is no reason to apologize or to be ashamed by your success of living, breathing and striving to become and stay great at what you are passionate about.

So how did Bo Eason manage to do all that he did and more? And how can you learn from him so you too can become the best at whatever it is you’re doing?

Bo Eason shares his plan to be the best safety in the world in A-Fest Mexico

Highlights from Bo Eason’s Story

  • (3:00) — After getting hundreds of rejections to play football in college, Bo transformed from being the worst player into one of the best players four years later. To achieve this, it took ONE consistent action from him;
  • (27:13) — Upon retiring from football, Bo is faced with the dark reality that there was little he could do with his experience as a pro-athlete. Moving to New York, he decided to start a new journey in becoming the best — and there was ONE plan created by a “Godfather” to help him achieve his quest;
  • (33:52) — Bo shared the three critical things you need to be great in your life and goals — starting with the universal power of telling your personal story;
  • (35:52) — As human beings, we are predatory. So how do we leverage this to our advantage? Bo talks about the second critical step to being the best and how the African Nuba Tribe have successfully embodied this as part of their way of life;
  • (46:50) —  Bo shares the last thing you’ll need, to do your best. Combine all the above with this final critical step, and you’ll propel forward towards your ambitions.

One of the most impactful quotes from his talk at Mindvalley’s A-fest was this:

For you to build your quest, that’s life and death.
The urgency has to be there. It’s so much easier to be
the best than it is to be mediocre.

– Bo Eason

What’s the one thing you want to be the best in the world at? Share it with us in a comment below.

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