How To Be A Good Salesman

How To Be A Good Salesman

Knowing how to be a good salesman is probably one of the most important skills you can have.  

Whether you realize it or not you are selling every day. You’re closing a sale at work, with your kids, or even negotiating with your friends on which restaurant you’d like to go to. 

To anyone that has ever worked in sales knows that there are two sides to selling. And knowing how to become good at sales is all about understanding which side you choose to sell from, fear or love?

In his talk, Jason Campbell, Head of Sales and Partnerships at Mindvalley, reveals the beauty of sales and shows you how sales can be the greatest act of love and care that you can give the world.

How Good Salespeople Fall In Love With Selling

So how do you fall in love with selling?

First, let’s expand the definition of selling. In the video, Jason offers a definition that has helped him become one of the top sales and marketing leaders at Mindvalley.

It’s how he was fundamentally able to get back into the “sales game”.

Beyond that, it’s important to pay attention to the place you’re selling from. So Jason shares how to go from selling from fear to selling from love. 

He walks you through how to remove your obstacles and shift your mindset.

How To Be A Good Salesman And Sell Out Of Love

Doesn’t selling feel icky sometimes? As if you’re doing something wrong or trying to take something from others?

But it doesn’t have to feel that way. In fact, it shouldn’t ever feel that way.

It only feels like that because so many people try to sell something that is not of equal value to the person they’re bringing their service, product, or offer to.

What makes a good salesman? (3 things you need to know)

So many people focus on what’s in it for them and not what’s in it for their customers.

If you feel sold to and manipulated, that means that you don’t believe the other person has your best interests at heart.

If you’re selling to someone and you feel like you’re manipulating them, that means you don’t fully believe you have their best interests at heart.

But to truly have that ability, you have to find a genuine way to fall in love with selling.

Because — and here’s the part that no one likes to talk about — every salesperson, entrepreneur, artist, even every great scientist you know had to sell their ideas.

How do I become good at sales?

It’s time to give selling a better rep. Because, as Jason Campbell proves in this talk, sales can bring love and create a positive impact. It can help you amplify the contribution you bring to the world.

He shares in his talk about what it meant to “sell from love” after feeling burned out and depressed over his previous experiences in sales.

Here are the 3 key things you need:

  1. Love Yourself: 

When you talk to people or interact in any way, coming from a high vibration is always key. You want to always come from an I Am Enough” vibration. 

People feel it when you sell from the heart, and the key to doing that is to genuinely love yourself.

In the video, Campbell discusses one golden tidbit that you need to know so this doesn’t backfire on you over time. It’s about balancing self slove and knowing where to draw the line. 

Because too much self love, turns to narcissism. Check out the video for a deeper discussion about it.

  1. Love Your Product: 

If you manage to sell out of “love” as opposed to “fear”, then that should automatically be accompanied with a genuine love for your product. 

You simply cannot sell a product out of love if you don’t believe in it or wouldn’t actually buy yourself. 

I’m sure you’ve come across a salesperson that loves their product and promotes it out of genuine belief in what value it can bring you. You really feel that sales pitch down to the bone. 

It’s not because they are artificially aggressive about it. But it’s because they are what they love.

Finding that genuine love for what you’re selling is key. 

  1. Love Your Client: 

Your client is essentially your life force. They are what keeps everything afloat. Love them, respect them, and value their time and hard-earned money just the same as you value yours.

If you would never buy what you are selling, then you are basically scamming the person you are trying to sell to. 

It’s also worth noting that a good salesman gets close to their customer, and you should too. Genuinely get to know what their pain points are and you will, in turn, learn what your customer truly needs.

Your customer doesn’t just provide your business money, but they also provide guidance on what you need to do to serve them better. 

Selling is the facilitation of an energy exchange between conscious beings. 

When you know you offer more than the total cost paid, selling becomes an act of the greatest love and care.

— Jason Campbell, Head of Sales and Partnerships at Mindvalley

About Jason Campbell

Jason Campbell is a trained public speaker, the host of Impact at Work, and one of the sales and marketing leaders at Mindvalley.

His focus is on selling from love, growth hacking, and sustainable entrepreneurship.