Michael Beckwith Offers A Different Definition Of Success In This Thought-Provoking Video

In the video above, Rev. Michael Beckwith introduces a new definition of success that’s measured more in giving rather than taking in honor of Black History Month.

What True Success Looks Like

What does success look like to you?

Does it mean how much income you make? What status you have? Or how many followers you have?

According to Rev. Michael Bernard Beckwith, true success isn’t about that. True success is about the contribution you’re making to the world.

As a way to honor Black History Month, Michael reflected on the success of past leaders such as Martin Luther King Jr. But he’s not just talking about the past. He manages to bridge the gap between past and present-day success.

All in a way that is relevant to becoming a leader in your own right.

And that doesn’t mean that you have to create a movement, become an ambassador, or be written down in a history textbook. (Though if you want to do that, all the more power to you.)

Becoming a leader simply means embracing your natural gifts, your purpose, your ability to inspire. He urges us all to be humble, gracious, and honorable with all that we accomplish.

Listen to his beautiful words above in this video.

About Rev. Michael Bernard Beckwith

Dr. Michael Bernard Beckwith is the Founder and Spiritual Director of the Agape International Spiritual Center, a multidenominational spiritual community of over 9,000 congregation members.

As a spiritual pioneer, he’s been featured on The Oprah Show, Larry King Live, Dr. Oz, and his own PBS special, The Answer is You.

Why Mindvalley Celebrates Black History Month

Black History Month started in 1926 as a way to celebrate the historical progress and achievements of African Americans and counteract the negative stereotypes.

To this day, it is a way to celebrate “the countless black men and women who had contributed to the advance of human civilization,” as its founder Dr. Carter G. Woodson wanted. The celebration has expanded over time to several countries around the world, including Canada, the U.K., and the Netherlands.

Now, Mindvalley celebrates Black History Month, too, as a way to celebrate and include all of our community. Unity is not just about understanding our similarities. Unity is also a way to honor what makes us unique.

At Mindvalley Headquarters, we dedicate days of the year to celebrating the different cultures that make up the team. That includes India Day, North America Day, and LGBTQ Day.

Ultimately, we believe what Cheyenne Diaz says in Why Black History Month Should Be History (But Isn’t Yet),

When we give a voice to people of color, all of our worlds open up. All of our experiences expand. And we’re able to challenge stereotypes and beliefs that people have in a way that’s safe and positive.

Everyone has a purpose on this planet — let Michael Bernard Beckwith help you find yours. Sign up for this FREE Masterclass where he introduces the art of surrendering to the universe.

What does success look like to you? Share your personal thoughts with us in the comments below.

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