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Michael Beckwith Offers A Different Definition Of Success To Honor Black History Month

What does success look like to you?”

About The Video

In the video above, Reverend Michael Bernard Beckwith responds to our question.

Given that February is Black History Month, it is no surprise that Dr. Beckwith reflects on the success of past leaders such as Martin Luther King Jr. What is pleasantly surprising is how he bridges the gap between past and present day success.

Dr. Beckwith describes what success looks like in two forms and he illustrates the progression of Black History in less than five minutes.

He also urges us all to be humble, gracious, and honorable with all that we accomplish.

Watch to hear his words come to life.

“Peace and blessings.”
Michael Beckwith

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What does success look like to you? How have you reflected on Black History Month?  Share your personal thoughts with us in the comments below.

Video edited by Teun van der Lugt
Aundrea Murray

Aundrea Murray

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