The Peak Performance Formula: The Secret To High Performance By Steven Kotler

The Peak Performance Formula: The Secret To High Performance By Steven Kotler

The elite top performers of the world seem to have an extra gear. By the time their competitors “get it,” they’ve already moved on to the next challenge.

They automatically and intrinsically rise to any challenge.

How is this possible?

There’s no better person to answer that question that Steven Kotler. Steven is the bestselling author of the latest, most game-changing books on peak performance, including The Rise of Superman, Abundance, Bold, and Stealing Fire.

In his latest work, he incorporates all of his knowledge into a simple formula for high performance.

He calls it: the habit of ferocity.

This is the habit these high performers use to make their biology work for them, to automate risk-taking and grit in their actions, and to accelerate their performance.

It’s how they compound their wins and develop a life that is extraordinary.

In this video, Steven Kotler shares what the habit of ferocity can do for you.

What Is The Key To High Performance?

The top performers of the world have something in common: they’re resilient. Where others throw in the towel, they’re ready for the next round.

So, what is it they’re doing differently? What are these high-performance individuals doing to separate themselves from the pack?

Steven Kotler has analyzed the habits of high performers for many years and has discovered that one of the keys to peak performance is stacking motivation.

When we can stack our motivational drives, we help build momentum into the work we’re doing.

How to develop high-performance habits?

The habit of ferocity is about stacking up all possible motivators. —Steven Kotler

Think of an athlete, artist, or entrepreneur that you admire. Have you ever found yourself wondering how they do it? How they get out of bed at 5 in the morning, or manage to fit in a workout or meditation session each and every day?

It’s not an accident, that’s for sure. These peak performance individuals have hardwired these habits into their daily lives because they know how integral they are to success.

But here’s the problem:

Our brains are hardwired to reach for certain feelings and experiences. We’re literally biologically programmed for short-term pleasure.

So, if we want true and lasting success, one of the habits we have to get into is that of sacrificing short-term pleasure for long-term gain. We have to figure out how to re-route these automatic desires and habits in favor of something more long term.

Is this easier said than done? Of course. But this is one of the fundamental processes of high-performance habits.

How the habit of ferocity automates the process?

Steven Kotler, Author of Mindvalley’s The Science Of Extraordinary Performance, explains in the video above how we can build the habit of ferocity into our daily lives.

By using the habit of ferocity, we can actually automate peak performance skills, like stacking motivators and maintaining momentum, to unlock our own limitless potential.

Learn more about the habits of high performers in the video above.

What strategies do you have to ensure your peak performance every day?