Guided Read-Along Energy Clearing With Regan Hillyer | Mindvalley University 2020

Guided Read-Along Energy Clearing With Regan Hillyer | Mindvalley University 2020


The following article was inspired by Regan Hillyer’s Energetic Architecture Session which was facilitated at Mindvalley University Online 2020. Regan is a Serial Entrepreneur, Philanthropist and Mindset Coach that has helped thousands of people take their businesses, and their lives, to the next level.

An Introduction To Your Energy Architecture

When it comes to activating your abundance and attracting all that your heart desires, it’s wise to take a look at where you’re at energetically.

According to Regan Hillyer, we all have ‘Energetic Architecture’ that exists in conjunction with the physical body. It represents the energy that’s behind our beliefs, thoughts, and behaviors which inevitably dictate the course of our lives.

Regan says, ‘We play with this in order to create physical reflections in our lives by altering the geometries and simple structures within our energetic field. It means we can literally manifest what we desire even faster – simply through our own consciousness.’

In her Mindvalley University 2020 Online talk, Regan led an Energetic Architecture Cleansing Session, an extremely powerful and potent guided exercise that helped thousands of students re-design their Energetic Architecture for abundance.

The live meditation was re-purposed for this article and note that Regan’s use of ‘light language’ has not been included. We suggest scanning the technique in full, then recording yourself reading through the stages so you can fully engage in the exercise. Alternatively, you could ask a friend or family member to read this aloud to you!

Regan’s Guided Energetic Architecture Meditation 

Guided Meditations Session by Regan at MVU 2019 at Pula

Sit or lie in a comfortable position and close your eyes. Allow yourself to gently turn inward at this time, taking deep breaths in, and out.

As you ground yourself in this space, imagine a glowing, red laser beam shooting from your tailbone all the way down into the center of the planet, anchoring you into the core of the Earth.

Simultaneously, allow a second laser beam of golden light to shoot up through the crown of your head, up into the heavens.’


‘As you breathe and connect to the light, go ahead and invite any divine guidance into the space; your angels or any beings of light of the highest vibration. Request that they present themselves before you right here and right now.

Welcome them.

Now from this place of intentional awareness, begin to expand your consciousness and realize that you are, in fact, sitting in a huge circle at this moment. You notice that every single person on the planet that is on the same path to spiritual growth is here.

Feel the group energy in the group vortex, feeling those either side of you or in front of you. It is proven that when people pray or meditate together, we create more powerful, energetic responses within ourselves and our world.

As you begin to feel the vortex and the energy of this group, allow yourself to send your focus back into your own system and your own field.’


Allow yourself to drop deeply into any divine intention. Simply invite yourself to tune into one specific vision that you would love to see manifested within the next few weeks.

Any intention for the highest good for yourself or others is welcome. Connect with that right now.’


‘As you begin to tune into your vision, notice anything that may be blocking or stopping you from manifesting this intention. Any mental programs, any negative thoughts, fears, doubts, or self-sabotaging patterns.

Request that anything slowing you down begins to accumulate within your solar plexus. As all of the patterns and pieces of information accumulate, allow them to form a dense, solid ball.

Next, request that this ball of limitations shifts out of your body.

That’s it. The ball is now hovering just above you and has shifted out of your body, coded with all of your limitations, doubts, and fears which are slowing down your manifestation process.

Slowly, the ball begins to spin. Spinning faster and faster, making itself lighter and lighter, brighter and brighter.

Now send this ball skyrocketing out into the universe!’


‘As it flies through space and dissipates, request that this clean energy finds the frequency of your intention – one of the greatest gifts that you will ever, ever receive in your lifetime.

As this clean ball of energy absorbs your intention and gathers new pieces of information, invite this ball back into your field. As it hovers above you, you become aware that this ball is now densely encoded with your intention – the gift from the Universe that you will surely receive.

Now invite it to gently drop down into your body – through your crown, through your head, sinking down into your heart.’


‘Request that this ball explodes and shatters into every single cell of your being, allowing every single cell and strand of DNA to wake up and receive these divine pieces of information.

Your capacity to manifest and receive expands with every breath.

Tune into your own unique vibrational frequency, and feel it increase with grace, ease, and flow.’


‘As you breathe deeply, you notice a golden being of light appear in front of you. It represents your higher self. Call upon them. You may see them, or you may just simply be aware of their presence. Either way is absolutely perfect.

A divine transmission is about to take place. A transmission of unique codes, patterns, and frequencies that are looking to manifest through you. You are about to embody your higher self and your divine intentions, leading to divine manifestations.

As you become present with this golden being of light, you feel a gentle golden laser beam connect both of you from your hearts. Through this golden laser beam, the information transfer takes place now.

Take a deep breath.

Meditation Session at A-Fest 2018

See the next layer of your identity merge into your body and soul – the exact identity required in order for you to manifest your heart’s desire and receive that precious gift that is on its way.

Breathe deeply until you feel the energetic transfer fully integrate with ease and grace.’


‘As you’re ready, to close the session, connect once again with your circle – with every single person who too has divine intentions, who too walks with you on the path to personal growth. Feel that collective energy of intention. Allow their intentions to flow into you, and the energy of yours into them.

Trust that abundance is on its way for all of you.’


‘Slowly bring your energy and attention back to your own body. Allow this experience to root into your system with gratitude.

And when you’re ready, you can gently open your eyes.’

More Manifestation & Abundance Support

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