The “Godicle” Theory: 4 Principles That Show How We Are All Connected [Video]

Do you feel connected to the people — and the world — around you? In this video, Mindvalley’s founder, Vishen Lakhiani, explains a theory that recognizes the interconnectedness of all that lives. We’re all “Godicles.”

About The Video

With billions of people on the planet, it’s understandable that there’s room for differences in opinion. We’re each entitled to our own values, beliefs, and ways of living, which are often passed down from previous generations — and all of which impact how we see the world.

But all too often, we forget that we are in this together.

Instead of focusing on the differences between each of us, Vishen Lakhiani has a powerful, united framework for viewing the world — and the inextricable connection between all human beings, and a higher life force.

He calls it The “Godicle” Theory.

The Godicle Theory posits that, first and foremost, we are human beings.

Despite any differences in color, race, nationality, or religion (to name but a few), we are all fundamentally particles of “God” (however you choose to define it) — part of a higher life force, expressed through creation.

There are four basic principles of The Godicle Theory, which beautifully describe and explain the human condition — and these can set you on the path to awakening.

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