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Forget Setting Goals, Try Setting “Questions” Instead – Lofty Questions

by Christie Marie Sheldon December 20, 2017
Instead of setting goals, learn how to set questions. Here at Mindvalley, we're all loving this insightful video with Christie Marie Sheldon.

Set The Right Questions For Your Goals

We’re used to setting goals for ourselves. But are you setting the right “Questions”?

Check out this brilliant piece of advice from Christie. All in under 4 minutes.

Watch it and apply what you learn on anything that’s on your mind right now. Use it to get rid of nagging illnesses, money issues, relationship woes, and start moving towards the life of your dreams.

We are absolutely in love with this process ourselves.

Who Is Christie Marie Sheldon?

Christie Marie Sheldon is not a normal energy healer. She specializes in healing what she calls “Abundance Blocks.”

By working with over 20,000 clients including CEOs and celebrities (including a Nobel prize winner and his wife), she was able to identify 24 common blocks to abundance that stops most people from enjoying the abundance they truly desire.

Christie is the #1 bestselling author on Mindvalley Academy and her coaching program Unlimited Abundance is especially for those who are looking for the quickest and surest path to unlocking the flow of abundance into their lives.

Would you say setting goals hasn’t worked for you in overcoming your abundance blocks yet?

Join Christie Marie Sheldon's Free Masterclass and discover how to heal your past, clear your blocks and turn 2020 into your most abundant year yet.

what you will experience in this class:

✅ How to clear ALL your Abundance Blocks through an incredible 20-minute Energy Clearing session with Christie as she taps into your energy field and amplifies your ability to attract wealth.

✅ What are the 24 Abundance Blocks that lock you in a scarcity mentality, and how to destroy them so you can create a direct path to success and abundance in 2020, and

Everything else you need to know about Abundance Blocks, as Vishen Lakhiani dives deep in a Q&A session with Christie to find out just how fast a newbie can expect results, and how exactly Christie taps into your energy through the internet.

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