How To Be A Game-Changing Company

Among the special guests we had at our team retreat in Krabi, Thailand this year was Andrew Hewitt, business coach and author of The Power of Focus for College Students.

Andrew is a good friend, and we share his dream of revolutionizing higher education. But he doesn’t stop there. “In order to reinvent the education system, we need to first reinvent success,” he says.

We were privileged to experience a mind-blowing presentation on his latest project: the GameChangers 500.

Imagine an “upgraded” Fortune 500 that paves the way for a global shift in business and the economy, driven by this question: Is a company’s revenue really the best indicator of success?

In it, Andrew lists nine other qualities borne by heart-centered companies that are reinventing the world, investing in and empowering their employees, and giving back to the planet. Watch this presentation and you might just spot your favorite game-changing company on the list ;).

“This is not the end of an age. It is a beginning of an entirely new world and game… and our generation has a choice in playing this new game,” says Andrew.

Find out how to be a game-changing company and which other companies have made their way into the list. Let us know your thoughts, and if you know of any other companies who should be on GameChangers 500! 🙂



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