4 Fundamental Questions By Neale Donald Walsch For A Deep Sense Of Meaning

We often wear a mask as we go through our days. We try to live up to external or self-imposed expectations and in the process, we forget who we really are.

In the short video above, Neale Donald Walsch shares four profound questions that help you reconnect with your divinity.

About The Video

Questioning your true self behind the identity you show up within the world might seem like taking a risk of losing yourself.

However, it is the very thing that will help you understand the place you occupy in this world and connect with the real you.

Neale Donald Walsch is a best-selling author and modern day spiritual messenger. His book series, Conversations With God, started with an angry letter to God. And to his own astonishment, he received answers. His books and teachings are the translation of his own insights as delivered to him by the divine.

Asking yourself the four questions he posed in this video on a daily basis will make you see every day as a precious gift and a new found opportunity.

The more you reflect upon these existential questions and answers, your life will become a play and display of deep meaning.

Which question surprised you the most?

And what was your answer?

Share in the comments below.

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