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From Santa To The Rosales Family

We receive hundreds of letters (and by that we mean emails – but it’s nice to romanticize) from our customers daily, and our Customer Support team are the dedicated troops that answer these inquiries, love notes, reviews, and such. But over Christmas last week, one email tugged at our hearts.

A certain Mr. Rosales wrote to us to express how he was little behind financially this season and needed our advice on how to make Christmas special for his 12 kids – Michael, Kayla, Karina, Jayden, Kallysa, Kylie, Anthony, Santino, Scarlett, Cruz, Azalea and Jackson.

Now, our Customer Support team doesn’t just attend to existing customers, we actually do make room for special cases and personal advice whenever we can. But we were quite stumped on what to do for Mr. Rosales.

Then it hit us – 12 kids. That’s like the song 12 days of Christmas, and we are after all in the season and spirit of giving! So we decided to personally buy gifts for each of the 12 children and send them via Amazon.

There was just one big problem though – there was no way the presents would arrive in time for Christmas. So we made up for it by recording Santa Claus as he personally sent a special Christmas message to Mr. Rosales and his children. From Santa to the Rosales family; complete with snow and all.

We hope that we made the Rosales Christmas a little better with our gesture, and we hope you had a happy holiday yourself!

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