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Do You Believe The Universe Is Friendly? A Two Minute Idea To Ponder By Srikumar Rao

by Srikumar Rao March 23, 2018

Does the Universe care about us? In the face of adversity it may be hard to see, but in this video, Srikumar Rao explains his idea of The Benevolent Universe with a metaphor that’s very easy to understand.

About The Video

The most important question one can ask him or herself according to Albert Einstein was: “Is the Universe friendly?”

Srikumar Rao, one of the most popular business professors in America and teacher of the Quest For Personal Mastery at Mindvalley, says most of us believe it’s indifferent.

We believe the Universe doesn’t even really know we’re here. And if it does know we’re here, it simply doesn’t care.

But he goes on to ask: “What if the Universe always gave you exactly what you needed?”

Watch this 2-minute idea to explore a model of reality that makes your life experience safer, more free and more fun.

Does The Universe Care About Us?

One of the most compelling questions we can ask ourselves as humans is whether we believe the Universe is a safe place to be.

If we believe that the Universe is fundamentally unsafe, that impacts everything we do, from the type of work we take on to the relationships we have.

But what if we were able to view the Universe as a friendly place?

This is part of Srikumar Rao’s theory of the Benevolent Universe.

What Is The Benevolent Universe Theory?

The Benevolent Universe Theory, as suggested by Srikumar Rao, is a theory that suggests the Universe isn’t just aware that you exist, but is actually well disposed toward you.

What if the Universe not only wanted you to succeed but was actively providing you with everything you need to succeed?

The key factor is in recognizing that while the Universe can provide all that we need, it may not always provide everything we want.

Because what we want and what we need are two very different things.

It’s essentially the difference between asking for ice cream as a child and having your parents give you vegetables.

You may think you want ice cream. But what you body needs are the essential vitamins and nutrients provided by eating fresh produce.

Knowing the difference between the ice cream and the vegetables is essential because recognizing that difference is what allows you to see how the Universe really is trying to take care of you.

Learn To Trust The Process Of The Benevolent Universe

The theory of the Benevolent Universe can help you gain more perspective on the challenges you currently face in your life.

Even when you feel frustrated with the dilemmas you face, there’s a chance that the Universe is actually giving you what you need.

“If you believe that the Universe is friendly, your life will improve,” says Srikumar Rao. “Look for examples that the Universe is friendly and well disposed, you will find them.”

What do you think after watching this video? Is the Universe benevolent?

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