How To Energetically Test Food That’s Good For You (And Let’s See If Bacon Passed The Test)

This past year I’ve been on a massive journey to be more health-conscious.

But I wanted to go beyond just nutritional information and find out what foods I need as an individual, and fine-tune my diet accordingly. I wanted to know how to find food that’s good for you — really good for you.

So, I connected with Donna Eden, who’s an Energy Medicine Master for health and vitality.

We’re huge fans of Donna at Mindvalley — her joyous persona and inviting personality draws more than 100,000 students to her work.

And when I joined her in this exercise during the filming of her masterclass, I had the most mind-blowing experience.

The exercise we went through together in this video fundamentally shifted the way I think about energy and nutrition.

Join me in this exclusive 7-minute sneak peek of Donna’s free Masterclass as energetically test food and learn which foods and vitamins help me — and which I’d be better off without.

Thankfully, I’m able to say that a certain food I absolutely LOVE is still on my side (watch this clip to find out which food item that is).

In this video you’ll learn:

  • How the diet of your culture is not necessarily attuned to your energy.
  • The simple exercise you can do at home to test how your energy field reacts to different foods, vitamins or herbs.
  • How to know whether or not something is good, bad or neutral for you.
  • Why it’s important to test out which foods resonate with your energy.
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