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A Simple Feng Shui Tool To Attract Big Opportunities In Your Work — Effortlessly

by Marie Diamond June 28, 2018

Bringing lucrative opportunities into your life is a lot easier than you think. It can be as simple as making small changes to your work environment.

Marie Diamond, Global Transformation Teacher, and Feng Shui Master explain how in this video above.

Feng Shui In The Workplace

Every space has an energy field. And the energy field of your workspace has a huge impact on the way you attract opportunities — or close yourself away from them.

Decluttering your desk from certain objects or changing your position in relation to the door can instantly shift your brain state and mood at work.

In this video, Feng Shui expert Marie Diamond explains how simple principles of Feng Shui can shift a stagnant, uncomfortable environment into a space full of joy, harmony, and prosperity.

And the best part? It only takes a minute. Learn it in the video above.

How to use Feng Shui to change your brainstate

More and more people have become aware that it’s important to declutter your living spaces — but they don’t know why. It goes beyond activating more joy in your life. Scientists now know that your environment can radically change your productivity, energy, and future.

Neuroscientists at Princeton University conducted a study determined that physical clutter negatively affects our performance and creates stress because it competes for our attention.

In another study, UCLA’s Center on Everyday Lives and Families (CELF) found that clutter can have a deep effect on our mood, stress, and self-esteem. More specifically, they found that our mood, stress, and self-esteem worsens with clutter.

Both the modern psychological research and the ancient methodology of Feng Shui suggest we should make our workspace feel as natural as possible. For example, Feng Shui recommends lighting that simulates natural lighting for better health and productivity. Neuroscientific studies in recent years confirm this. It turns out that too much blue light particularly late at night can be disruptive.

Additionally, Marie suggests moving your desk to be in a more commanding position. Similarly, award-winning Harvard lecturer and TED Talk Speaker Amy Cuddy’s research shows that power positions actually help you produce less stress hormones.

About Marie Diamond

Marie Diamond is not only an international bestselling author, consultant, and speaker, she’s also one of the Western world’s most celebrated Feng Shui Masters. She’s guided top public speakers, corporate and community leaders, top athletes, and celebrities in the music and movie industry. These clients include artists like The Rolling Stones and Steven Spielberg, spiritual teachers and authors like Marianne Williamson and Jack Canfield, and top executives.

These artists, teachers, and executives use the 4,000-year-old science of Feng Shui to harness the power of their environment. They know that their environment plays a huge role in their success — or failure.

Celebrated for her uncanny ability to deconstruct ancient methodologies into simple, personalized adjustments anyone can make. She’s helped hundreds of thousands channel positive energy into their living rooms, workplaces, and lives.

And in her new program, she teaches how to use Feng Shui to honor your unique characteristics and desires.

What’s your seating position in the space you work in? How does it make you feel? 

Join Marie Diamond's Free Masterclass and learn unique techniques from Feng Shui & apply them to enhance your life, health & wealth

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by Marie Diamond
Marie Diamond is an international bestselling author, speaker, and Feng Shui master with a dedicated global audience that includes billionaires, A-list celebrities, and multinational corporations. Her ability to expertly navigate the energy systems of ancient practice has led her to become one of the most sought-after Feng Shui consultants in the Western world. Her intimate personalized adjustments help others welcome more wealth and better health into their lives. Marie Diamond is the author of Mindvalley’s Feng Shui For Life program, which helps you clear abundance blocks from your home and workplace to welcome free flowing prosperity and positive energy into your life.

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