Why Selling Is The Greatest Expression Of Love [Video]

Has selling ever felt nasty to you? Whether it was when you were being sold to, or the one selling, this talk is going to fundamentally shift what selling means to you.

In his talk, Jason Campbell, Head of Sales and Partnerships at Mindvalley reveals the beauty of sales and shows you how sales can be the greatest act of love and care that you can give.

About The Video

To many people, selling feels icky. As if we’re doing something wrong or trying to take something from others.

But that concept is wrong.

It’s time to give selling a better rep. Because, as Jason Campbell proves in this talk, sales can bring love and create a positive impact.

Watch the talk above to find out what it means to “sell from love.”

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Which aspect of “selling from love” do you most resonate with? We’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments below.

Jason Campbell

Jason Campbell loves to gather people to celebrate or accomplish great challenges together. He's a growth hacker with high energy, wits of a ninja, and someone who LOVES to sell.

Jason leads strategic partnerships and brand integrations at Mindvalley. He also is the host of Mindvalley's Impact at Work – a monthly show focused on discovering the most cutting-edge concepts in productivity, communication, leadership, and personal excellence.

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