Tom Bilyeu, Founder Of The Second Fastest Growing Company In America Explains Why He Meditates Everyday

In this 4 minute clip between Tom Bilyeu and Vishen Lakhiani at Mindvalley’s
A-Fest 2016 Mexico, Tom shares a vulnerable story about his long standing perspective on meditation.

He has since developed a strong technique to help him meditate and think his way to accomplishing his goals. You’ll discover these remarkable insights from their discussion:

  • (0:05) —Tom’s breathing techniques and the childhood Brule he created about meditation;
  • (1:40) — The ultimate combo method Tom created to reach his alpha wave state;
  • (3:05) — How he harness both thinking and meditating to create connections between ideas.

Here’s a point Tom made on the beauty of meditation:

“…The more you need it, the more effective it becomes for you”  — Tom Bilyeu

If you’d like to learn more about mind and the way you think, watch this video to discover the content of your conciousness.

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