[Live Video] Jeffrey Allen Shares His Insights On Energy Secrets

Watch this live video with Jeffrey Allen, energy healer who explains some of the most common questions about energy work and spiritual cleansing.

About The Video

In this exclusive Facebook Live session, Jeffrey Allen, energy healer and author of Duality, shares his energy secrets.

In this video, you’ll learn from his insights and experience with energy healing as he answers some phenomenal questions from our community that travel all across the energy spectrum.

Jump to the minute to hear Jeffrey’s answer to the question:

  • (3:13) — Will my energy run out if I don’t meditate?
  • (8:24) — How do I get out of my head and into my spirit?
  • (12:56) — Why doesn’t religion talk about energy?
  • (19:00) — Is empathy real?
  • (21:54) — How do you set healthy boundaries with energy?
  • (26:20) — Is there good or bad energy?
  • (27:36) — How to pass your high vibrations to a group?
  • (33:00) — How do you choose love over ego, and how do you maintain that state of mind?
  • (39:59) — How do I tune my energy for abundance?
  • (43:06) — How do I break free from old family legacy?
  • (45:10) — How do I heal a relationship?
  • (50:21) — How do I find my purpose?
  • (52:44) — Do you teach the 7 chakras since you deal with energy bodies?

As a special bonus, Jeffrey will lead you through a simple clearing exercise at the end of the video.

What new insight did you gain from Jeffrey’s Facebook Live session? Share it in a comment below!

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