Can The Effect Of Meditation Create The Most Compassionate Generation Yet?

In regards to the vast effect of meditation, the Dalai Lama once said, “If every 8 years old in the world is taught meditation, we will eliminate violence from the world within one generation.”

And he’s right — when we practice meditation, we don’t only become more relaxed, we become better human beings.

Why Meditation Could Bring About A Better World

In a Harvard Medical School study, people who learned how to meditate were more likely to give up their seat for a woman in pain. Dr. Hölzel, who conducted the study, said that people who meditate “may be more willing to help when someone suffers, and act more compassionately.”

Research shows meditation can reduce hostility, aggression, crime rates and behavioral problems of children.

A growing number of studies show that meditation can increase emotional intelligence and feelings of love, kindness, empathy and social connectedness.

The Effect Of Meditation In The Real World

As more adults (and children) practice meditation, we’ve seen people become more committed to social entrepreneurship and volunteer efforts than ever before.

In fact, one survey of over a thousand young adults from 2014 found that 92% currently contribute their skills to companies they feel are making a difference in the world.

It seems we’re on the fast track to creating the most compassionate generation yet.

Emily Fletcher, the founder of Ziva Meditation, explains in this 4-minute video how the effect of meditation fundamentally changes our brain… and how we treat each other.

Watch the video to discover:

  • (0:05) — What happens over time to the altruistic part of the brain;
  • (1:33) — The most fascinating fact about how meditation fundamentally changes the brain;
  • (2:27) — Why we become more compassionate and connected as we meditate.

Hear Emily’s beautiful explanation of new scientific findings on the reason meditation makes us more socially responsible.

Do you agree with what Emily said in the video?

Does meditation make people more altruistic?

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