Discover A Profound Formula For Wholeness With Legendary Chakra Expert Anodea Judith

Discover A Profound Formula For Wholeness With Legendary Chakra Expert Anodea Judith


Anodea Judith is a leading authority in the field of chakras and energy psychology, with over 4 decades of experience teaching all over the world, a Masters in clinical psychology and a doctorate in mind-body healing. Anodea’s work pioneered the profound correlation between the chakra system, human psychology, and social change, creating powerful tools for self-healing.

In a world of multiple personal growth tools and guiding systems, the question is, how do we choose the right one for us to awaken, heal, and transform?

Anodea Judith believes that there is a universal, internal roadmap that dwells within each of us, which contains a potent formula for creating and living an ideal life. 

She calls it ‘a formula for wholeness’ and explains what profound implications it might have in one’s individual transformation – not only can it transform your life, but it can also transform humanity as a whole.

In this Mindvalley podcast episode, she shares her unique vision on the ancient chakra system that she sees as that very roadmap that can guide you.

It’s the map that connects you with your energy body; it connects you both to your earth’s existence all the way up to divine consciousness, everything that’s above and below.

She calls chakras the portals between the inner and outer worlds, meaning that whatever you do inside transforms the outside.

“The chakras are the organizational principles for receiving, assimilating, storing, and expressing the life force energy. So these are the keys to unlock your energy body.” – Anodea Judith

That’s why they can be seen as a formula for wholeness – when you apply this map to each and every energy center, it makes you whole as it connects your body, mind, and Spirit in a cosmic, orderly way.

She compares it with the main highway that connects all the cities in your country, where major cities represent the seven chakras.

You can think of this central column connecting the two polarities: Heaven and Earth. The map begins with the Earth, at the base of your spine, with the Root Chakra, and ends at the top of your head – The Crown Chakra.

Root Chakra

“It’s the beginning of our life, it’s the core or the seed of life or it’s the foundation.” – Anodea Judith

Since it represents the element earth, it also represents everything solid, meaning that its fullest expression is being solid in prosperity, solid in who we are, solid in our foundation.

It’s the solidity of our sense of security, abundance, and connection with the planet.

Judith explains that especially today, when many of us live in modern cities, it’s essential to be grounded.

It’s the gravitational force that pulls us down, and solidity holds you up, so the point where these two forces meet makes up the ground.

“The solid matter is pure energy, so when you’re pushing down into the ground, you’re pushing into the field of that immense energy, and because of its solidity, you don’t push through it so instead, it fills you up with energy.” – she says.

That’s why roots pushing down make the plant grow up.

If you uncross your legs and push down firmly into the ground, you will notice how your legs are being energized.

Another simple way to experience the pure energy of the solid matter is to bounce up and down on a chair. You will instantly feel more alive, as these simple movements wake up the base of your spine and create vibrations that move the energy up.

So whenever you push against something solid, the energy turns around and fills your body.

This is how you plug into the Earth to receive its vital energy, and the more grounded you get, the more solidity you get into your life on multiple levels.

Sacral Chakra

The second chakra represents the element of water that is always moving and flowing. So you want this energy in your life to let that energy move us.

It’s related to emotions, sensations, and pleasure.

Judith says that we all want pleasure, but it was misrepresented by our culture, so when we don’t get enough of it, we get more violent, aggressive, and unhappy.

Sensations are our guides through life, so when you open yourself up or awaken your senses, you move through life with joy, and this level of emotional awareness is critical.

Many of us have trouble with this energy center because of past traumas that make us lock our emotions inside it.

So this energy doesn’t move through the body, contracting our tissues and muscles, resulting in physical pain. 

The simple way to avoid this is by welcoming your emotions and moving with them freely.

The more you clear your energy; the more new energy comes in, replacing painful emotions with aliveness and joy.

Solar Plexus

The third chakra is found in the solar plexus. Its element is fire, and Anodea likes to call this chakra ‘the charge’. 

You want to use this charge for action to be able to do what arises and do it effectively.

So when it’s blocked, we can’t do what we want to do, and we lock down this life force energy, and it gets stuck.

Anodea explains that when energy gets stuck, it either gets excessive or deficient.

In this case, when it gets excessive, you feel a lot of energy, but you don’t know what to do with it, and it feels like anxiety and restlessness.

“When it’s tempted down, you go into depression – it’s the energy that’s pushed down.” – Anodea Judith

She compares it with the frozen bank account that has funds, but you can’t access it.

But by awakening into the purpose of life, you are having a place where to send this energy to, so it discharges the anxiety and lifts depression.

So knowing your power and owning your will is what it means to be in charge of your center and fulfill your purpose.

These three lower chakras comprise the foundational map that guides us through the material course of our being.

Heart Chakra

The fourth chakra is the heart chakra, which element is air, the central chakra in a 7-chakra system, so it’s the integration of above and below, an integrator of all aspects of our being.

Judith calls the heart a great connector through the Cosmic loop of love, that’s why when the heart gets hurt, we get disconnected and disintegrated.

So you want to open up your heart chakra to be able to express and receive love, as well as having a strong base of self-love too.

And this is the place where many of us are so wounded, and we get afraid to open our hearts.

The element of air gives us a clue how to do it – through breath and movement of emotions up through pain and grief and out to the other side.

And we aren’t talking about object-oriented love but about the radiating presence of unconditional love that holds space for everything.

“Just like we are enveloped in the field of air, we are enveloped in the field of love, that we can download in our hearts.” – Anodea Judith

Since the energy of this chakra is all about softening up, by softening your body and heart, you’re becoming more forgiving, more compassionate, and a little more generous.

These are all aspects of the heart, and when you employ these aspects, then the heart begins to awaken and brings us to greater peace and spaciousness.

Throat Chakra

Named the  ‘Vishuda’ – this chakra translates as ’purification’.

Anodea explains that all the energy comes up to the narrow throat that is a gate of purification before it enters the upper chakras.

So it’s all about purifying your body from toxins, purifying your life from toxic people and situations, and this is how things become more coherent and pure.

And since its element is sound, it’s related to self-expression, creativity, communication, and the ability to speak our truth clearly, compassionately, and freely.

“The throat chakra is all about living in harmony with yourself, your loved ones, and the people around you.” – Anodea Judith

And it’s about attuning yourself to the powerful truth that we feel inside, that’s how we are becoming more coherent and in sync with everything around us.

The Third Eye

The third eye is the element of light, and its purpose is to command because the pictures that we hold in our mind command our reality.

It’s the epicenter that brings your visualizations all the way down from the cosmos to manifest them in the physical plane.

“It’s about opening your vision for your life, opening your intuition, and opening your imagination.” – Anodea Judith

She quotes Alice in Wonderland who said that she wanted 6 impossible things for breakfast.

She says that imagination is a magical act of beginning to visualize and set a blueprint of the life that you want to create. So you want to open your imagination wide to jump out of the box and have a grand vision.

Crown Chakra

And finally, we have the crown chakra which represents the center of the consciousness itself; the consciousness that we all possess.

“Just like fish that doesn’t know it’s floating in the water, we take it for granted.” – Anodea Judith

This consciousness is operating all the chakras, it’s what enables us to see, to speak, to fall in love, that knows what to do, notice what we are feeling, that drives our body to move forward.

Within the crown chakra dwells consciousness itself, and its main activity is meditation and expansion.

As you work to activate the crown chakra, things become more spacious and coherent.

To feel this chakra, visualize that thousand-petal lotus on top of your crown blossoming and continuously unfolding.

And your consciousness is in the center of the lotus, and its petals are realities that are unfolding around you, and you are remaining in the exact center, and from that center you see, you know, you hear, you feel.

And that lotus receives the sunlight.

So the crown chakra receives grace, guidance, and it begins to bring it down to the vision, helping you communicate what you want to say, taking you into the right relationships, empowering you to do what you want to do, filling your body and sensations, and grounding all the way down into the roots where things manifest in a physical plane.

So in essence, there are two currents that you can use in your life – the upward current, where you are healing and clearing your chakras, taking steps to higher awareness, and the downward current – where you are taking your higher consciousness to manifest the life you want to create.

And this formula for wholeness is already living inside of you.

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