4 Jamaicans In A Bathtub: The True Story Behind The Hit Movie, Cool Runnings

Devon Harris, Olympic athlete shared his inspiring story at A-fest, that later became the plot for one of the most popular Olympic movies of all time, Cool Runnings.

About The Video

It was 1988 in Calgary, Canada. Athletes from all around the globe gathered for the Winter Olympics including a Jamaican bobsled team with an ambition to compete against winter sports champions.

The only problem was that up until a few months before that day none of them has seen snow. Ever.

This is the story that inspired the multi-million dollar movie, Cool Runnings.

cool runnings

At Mindvalley’s A-fest, Montego Bay, we have invited Devon Harris on stage from the legendary bobsled team (yes, the real one) to tell our audience what happened that winter and to share the secret behind the success mindset of an Olympic athlete.

Watch this video to learn why failure is necessary and what sets winners apart from losers.

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