How To Design A World-Class Life

Have you ever been so focused on achieving success in one part of your life that you start to slip in another area?

Many of us find ourselves neglecting important aspects of our life, whether we’re sacrificing our health for our work or our friendships for a family.

But success isn’t just about money or the number of friends you have.

The Secret To Creating A World-Class Life

The truth is that life’s actually a fine balance between 12 categories. Problems start to arise when we lose sight of this fact, which I experienced firsthand.

Then I met Jon Butcher. He has the most extraordinary life of anyone I’ve ever known.

How did he do it? Well, it comes down to finding harmony between the 12 categories.

Most of us don’t know exactly what our greatest aspirations are, which means that we’re not consciously moving towards our goals. And when I learned to think about these 12 categories, it revolutionized my life — and I’m sharing an exercise in this video that can transform yours.

This exercise will help you imagine the specifics of the life you want to lead so that you’re able to turn your vision into a reality.

Watch the video above where I introduce Jon Butcher and I explain the 12 Categories.

Correction: In the video, I mention that Jon’s company Precious Moments does 1 billion dollars in sales annually. I got the data wrong. It has done $10 billion over the last 30 years with it’s the best year at $600 million.

Have you ever focused solely on success in one category at the expense of the others?

Have you learned how to design a world-class life?

Share your story below.

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