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Neale Donald Walsch Calls For An Awakening

by Neale Donald Walsch December 20, 2017

You might feel like the world is going in the wrong direction. This could be a very incorrect assumption. According to Neale, we are just at the storm before the calm…and the world is going through its biggest awakening we’ve ever seen.

It was 1995 when one of the most daring, transformative books was released. It defined a generation of people who started to change their relationship with their religion. It pushed you to start thinking about your own spirituality. I’m talking about Conversations with God with Neale Donald Walsch.

It’s amazing to realise that this was 22 years ago. Two follow-up pieces were released shortly after. And now, in a time where we hear negative media more than ever, a fourth part to the series was released with the subtitle “Awaken the Species”.

The work in these books come from direct intuitions, downloads from a source where Neale simply puts down on paper. And the inspiration had actually stopped for over 19 years. It’s by no accident that this inspiration came back to Neale in the summer of 2016. It has produced some of the most inspiring, relevant information for the entire human species as we come to an important fork in our history.

Do we choose a world of unity and awakening, or do we let this go on and deteriorate?

If your primary source of information is mainstream media, things might seem… hopeless. Yet Neale came to share beautiful wisdom from his work on Facebook Live with Vishen Lakhiani.

“It’s the Storm before the calm. A wave of massive change is coming,
and the whole world is shifting. Although things seem loom and groom,
it’s actually the turning point of a future of unprecedented abundance.”

His book talks about this eventuality of awakening, and is a spiritual “call to arms”. It has a purpose of empowering individuals into their own self-awakening in hopes to be a guiding light to their peers, families and communities. This, in turn, will create a wave of much needed positive changes.

Here are the most exciting messages Neale has shared with us so far:

1. How Can We Create A Better Future For The Next Generation?

Neale shares his thoughts on the question most of us have, which is how do we ensure that we leave a better world for the next generation? In this 7-minute video, Neale expands on his unconventional answer in the following sequence:

  • (1:00) — We cannot guarantee our grandchildren will have a better life than we had. So what should we do instead?
  • (2:50) — After accepting an invitation to dine with a local family in Ouagadougou, Africa, Neale experienced the true meaning of poverty;
  • (6:42) — There is a way to ensure a better tomorrow for our children, and it starts with a form of internal education.

2. What Are The Biggest Brules Holding Humanity Back?

In this snippet, Neale outlines one of the biggest myths that is holding humanity back. 

  • (0:15) — The number one illusion of human existence;
  • (1:10) — The analogy of A Burning Building Moment” that exemplifies this illusion;
  • (5:22) — Vishen’s follow up question of “Why humans collectively act so selfishly as a species?”
  • (6:12) — The second illusion of human existence that governs the nations today.

Listen up for his key takeaways from this snippet, especially, “Needlessness is Godliness” because it’ll help you understand how to address the rest of the myths he has described in his book, Communion With God. 

3. A Powerful Tool To Improve Your Life

This 4-minute clip explains the one paradigm-shifting belief that took Neale almost fifty years to figure out:

  • (0:17) — His biggest advice to change personal lives starts with an internal reflection;
  • (2:05) — He asked God for a Life Formula and instead receive a divine reflection on how to become the source of things;
  • (3:45) — This tool is practiced among celebrities and spiritual teachers alike, one example: Barbra Streisand.

4. How Do You Measure Spiritual Growth?

If you’re becoming more aware and in touch with your spiritual journey, you might have this question in mind: “How Do You Measure Spiritual Growth?”

  • (0:33) — Listen to Neale’s brilliant answer relative to distance, fulfillment and purpose;
  • (1:48) — There’s one primary factor to focus your spiritual measurementon and it’s simpler than any equation;
  • (2:20) — Discover how Neale himself measures his spiritual growth.

5. Is Karma Real?

Neale offers an enlightening answer to the question on the idea of karmic payments in the context of reincarnation and rebirth.

Is this a make-belief notion? Stay for the entire video to hear his full response. It’s definitely one answer that would bring you value whether or not you believe in the idea of reincarnation and/or an afterlife.

Are you a fan of Neale’s work? We’d love to hear your story in the comments below.

by Neale Donald Walsch
Neale Donald Walsch is a modern-day spiritual messenger whose words continue to touch the world in profound ways. The Conversations with God series of books that emerged from his search for spiritual meaning has been translated into 37 languages, touching millions and inspiring important changes in their day-to-day lives. Nineteen years after the third Conversations with God book was released, which both the world and Neale thought was the last in the series, Neale found himself drawn into that familiar, yet unexpected dialogue with God. And this time, he received a new breathtaking revelation for the world: “Awaken The Species” A blueprint to humanity’s next great evolutionary leap.

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