How a Brilliant Outlier Crafted His Life Into a Living Masterpiece

How a Brilliant Outlier Crafted His Life Into a Living Masterpiece


Discover the extraordinary system created by a brilliant outlier that has helped thousands transform their lives from ordinary to a living masterpiece.

In a society where people are obsessed with living the good life that their neighbor has, serial entrepreneur Jon Butcher managed to convert life into a living masterpiece.

This Man Helped Thousands Build Extraordinary Lives

Meet Jon Butcher. He is NOT an author. He is NOT a personal growth guru.

Jon is a serial entrepreneur who has discarded all the conventional rules of success set by society.

And has instead created his own unconventional laws of success, happiness, and fulfillment, which allowed him to craft his life into a living masterpiece.

Over the years, Jon has — among many other feats — defied aging, built an unbelievably beautiful home, redefined love, pursued his passions whole-heartedly, traveled the world, and even radically reshaped his children’s education.

In short, he doesn’t live a “happy” life. He lives a legendary life.

Watch the inspiring 5-minute video above to learn more about this “accidental personal growth legend” and discover:

  • What Jon’s able to do that most billionaires don’t know how to do.
  • How you can become consciously brilliant.
  • The extraordinary formula that will help you craft the life of your dreams.

The formula is called Lifebook and has helped thousands of people transform their lives from ordinary to extraordinary.

Our purpose is to create the highest possible quality of life that we can for ourselves and for the people we love and help others around us do the same. That’s what we’re here for. That’s what Lifebook does.

– Jon and Missy Butcher

Why Jon Butcher Created Lifebook

Jon Butcher never imagined he would create a tool that would transform people’s lives. He only knew that he wanted to live his life according to his own rules with his wife Missy.

When they married each other over thirty years ago, they vowed to do whatever it takes to live an extraordinary life.

But the reality of marriage is that every couple faces challenges along the way. Five years into their marriage, Jon experienced a debilitating anxiety disorder called agoraphobia. He shut himself out from the world and his marriage.

With love and support, Missy reached out to Nathaniel Branden who was the world’s leading expert on self-esteem at the time. She asked him to speak to Jon about his anxiety disorder. From there, Nathaniel took Jon under his wing.

His mentorship led Jon to create a consciously crafted plan that would inevitably save his marriage and pave the way for his future. It was a test for his life vision. Today, Jon is a man who’s been able to craft his life into a living masterpiece.

What Is Lifebook About?

As Jon worked on creating Lifebook, his marriage with Missy flourished into something they both couldn’t describe. Their love for each other rekindled their passion for life and they decided to talk about Lifebook.

Over a long weekend, they presented it to some of their close friends. With some markers and a whiteboard, they showed their friends the step-by-step system that had turned their life around. Their friends were impressed and wanted to know more about Lifebook.

For 15 years, they kept Lifebook confidential and they wanted to keep it that way. Jon and Missy had no intention in opening up their lives and talking about Lifebook in public because they were a private couple.

But as they saw the dramatic improvements happen in their friends’ lives as well, they realized they could help the world. That’s when their life’s mission unfolded before their eyes.

Now, they’ve partnered with Mindvalley to share this amazing tool with all of us.

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Jon and Missy Butcher