How To Recognize The Contents Of Your Consciousness

There is a difference between your consciousness and the content of your consciousness.

— Michael Beckwith

At Mindvalley’s A-Fest 2016 Mexico, Michael Beckwith shared a deep spiritual insight on the idea of consciousness.

In this 3-minute video, Michael shares with the A-Fest Tribe, on recognizing both identity and awareness, beyond the conventional ideas of the words.

And here’s what you’ll discover.

Highlights of the video:

  • (0:05) — There’s a difference between the world and the planet and it’s a great place to start understanding the difference between your consciousness and the content of your consciousness;
  • (0:25) — Consciousness is when you create a field that invites possibility, intelligence and inspiration. The act of being in a world that vibrates the ‘real you’ will open up your awareness;
  • (1:28) — Your awareness is not the same as your content and Michael explains in greater detail why and how the two co-relate;
  • (2:15) — The moment you immerse yourself in your extraordinary work, you’ll begin to recognise and separate the identity from the ever-expanding awareness.

Once you recognize the difference, you can truly become available to the rich inspiration that surrounds the world.

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What did you take away from Michael Beckwith’s words?

And what is your idea of consciousness?

Share it with the tribe in the comments below.

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