The Secret To Cultivating A Consistent Yoga Practice

how to develop a consistent yoga practice

Failure to have a consistent yoga practice and failed New Year’s resolutions have much in common.

If you can understand why 92% of people fail at their New Years Resolutions, and how the 8% are successful, you will have the secret to cultivating a consistent yoga practice.

Reasons People Fail With Their New Year’s Resolutions

  • Not being ready to change habits. For example, you may want to loose weight. However, if you are not willing to change your eating and exercise habits, you won’t loose weight.
  • Don’t believe that it will work. You may for wish something, like making a million dollars in the new year, but if you don’t believe you can, then you won’t.
  • Unrealistic cause and effect relationship. If you think your entire life will change if you achieve one resolution. For example: get “the job” then you will be happy; get fit and then you will have a great love life. This is a recipe for disappointment and failure.
  • Having unrealistic goals. If you never go to the gym, it is highly unlikely that you will start going 6 days a week for 90 minutes come January 1.

how to maintain a consistent yoga practice

How 8% Are Successful With Their New Year’s Resolutions

Their goals are heartfelt, specific, realistic and believable. They take baby-steps to reach their goals, they plan for their success, have patience and share their goals with supportive people.

  • Heartfelt Goals – Your goal needs to be internally motivated. You can’t decide to do something entirely different just because you think other people will be happy if you do. You need to truly desire the results.
  • Specific Goals – Simply saying you want to get in shape or make more money is too vague. Vague goals at best get vague results. Instead goals such as fit into a size smaller pair of pants or make an extra $1,000 a month are more likely to be successful.
  • Realistic Goals – Set goals that are achievable and sustainable. If you want to get organized, attempting to organize your entire home where you have lived for 20 years in one month is probably not realistic. Instead start with one organizational goal like your desk and work to keep your desk organized for a period of time before moving on to the next area.
  • Believable Goals – Successful people rewire their brain. It’s not enough to say an affirmation of your new goal if you don’t really believe it. If you want to travel the world, but a part of you thinks that is impossible you need to work on rewiring the part of your brain that is holding you back. Understand why you doubt your ability and start the process of teaching your brain to think differently.
  • Baby Steps to Reach Goals – Taking a big leap might land you with nothing. Instead take a step-by-step approach. For example instead of saying you will loose 10 pounds in one month, decide to loose one pound a month.
  • Plan for Goals – Goals aren’t achieved magically just because you write them down. If you want to eat a healthier diet, then make a plan about how you will achieve a healthier diet. Maybe it means that you remind yourself to have lunch at the salad bar or make a healthy lunch from home instead of eating at the fast food joint. Taking that a step further, make a shopping list and make sure that you have healthy foods at home to choose from.
  • Patience with Goals – Some people see their goals as an all or nothing proposition. If you slip up on your goals, pick yourself back up and keep trying. Success is rarely a straight line. Keep trying and focus on the positive.
  • Share Goals – Having people who will support you in your efforts can make all of the difference. Likewise, if you know someone might be unsupportive or even thwart your efforts, better to keep your goals to yourself. Seek out supportive people to help encourage you.

Now that you know how to achieve successful New Years Resolutions, you have the knowledge you need for cultivating a consistent yoga practice. Let’s look now at specifics ways to achieve the regular yoga practice you desire.

Want a few more game-changing tips on setting goals? Check out this inspirational video by the brilliant Vishen Lakhiani:

The secret to cultivating a consistent yoga practice lies in your answers to these 5 questions:

  1. Do you know what habits you need to change in order to have a consistent yoga practice?
  2. Are you willing to make that change?
  3. Do you believe that you can have a consistent yoga practice?
  4. If not, are you willing to rewire your brain and believe that you can?
  5. Are you internally motivated to want a consistent yoga practice?

If you can answer yes, to the above questions, you can have a consistent yoga practice. 

Follow These 8 Steps To Cultivating A Successful Consistent Yoga Practice

how to have a consistent yoga practice

  1. Heartfelt: Reflect on all of the positive reasons that you want to have a consistent yoga practice.
  2. Specific: What does a consistent yoga practice mean to you? Daily? Twice weekly? 10 minutes or 30 minutes? Decide and write it down.
  3. Realistic: Don’t over commit yourself. While daily may be a great ideal, three times a week for 10 – 20 minutes is probably more realistic to start with.
  4. Believable: Do you have a lot of excuses as to why you can’t have a consistent practice? Then start small so that you can build upon your belief. Try something like 2 minutes, 5 days a week. Once you can do that it will help you to believe that you can do more.
  5. Baby Steps: Take an honest look at where you are now. Are you brand new to yoga? Are you already taking classes a couple of times a week, do you belong to a quality online yoga program like Zenward? Where ever you are, look at what the next step for a consistent practice will be for you. Then take that step first.
  6. Plan: If you want to attend classes more often, plan what, when, where and how. Prepare to overcome obstacles that are likely to get in your way. If you want to practice more at home, decide when and how – will you use your own routine, use dvd’s or join an online program, like Zenward?
  7. Patience: When at first you don’t succeed, try, try again. Eventually you will succeed!
  8. Sharing: Share your yoga practice goals with supportive friends, family or colleagues. Find a buddy to attend yoga classes with you. Or join the online yoga program Zenward and connect with supportive yoga students like yourself from all over the world, and the Zenward Yoga Ambassadors for support an encouragement.

Once you make the effort to cultivate a consistent yoga practice you will find it becomes easier to sustain it over time. As you begin to feel the rewards of your practice and form new habits, your practice will become natural to you.

When you start to falter, remind yourself about the results that you desire from a consistent yoga practice. Don’t think about what you SHOULD do. Think about how you want to feel and how your practice will help you feel that way. Focus on the why’s behind the desire to have a consistent yoga practice and not on reasons you think you should.

Finally, make your practice enjoyable! Sure some times yoga takes us to the edge, and we are uncomfortable. But your entire practice shouldn’t be uncomfortable. Always make time for the practices you love the most.

What does a consistent yoga practice look like to you? Please share with us in the comment section belo



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