How To Get Started With Consciousness Raising

How to raise your consciousness

Raising our state of consciousness is no simple task, necessarily.

Yet, in a direct opposition to the previous statement, consciousness raising, is perhaps the most simple and straightforward mission you could ever choose to embark on.

Let me explain.

What Is Consciousness Raising?

Briefly, before we begin to discuss consciousness raising, let us take a moment to ensure that we are all on the same page when it comes to how we define consciousness.

Consciousness is, quite simply, the act of being aware.

As we become aware of our awareness, we can then begin to access consciousness. It is only once we’ve entered this state of mind that we can then begin to entertain consciousness raising.

But still, what exactly does consciousness raising mean?

Transcending The Various Stages Of Consciousness

Raising your consciousness

When we speak of consciousness raising, what we are referring to is a pursuit of a heightened awareness.

Awareness of the self, of others, and of the universe as a whole.

At the peak of this awareness exists a capacity for a true transcendence of the self.

It’s a pure merging of consciousness with all-that-is. Words can’t explain it well.

— Vishen Lakhiani, founder of Mindvalley

No simple task, right?

This may seem as some god-like accomplishment or some task only those crazy buddhist monks are after. However, if pursued diligently, this is a head-space that any human mind is capable of achieving.

If it can be thought, it can be accomplished.

Let us not restrict ourselves to thinking of consciousness as one singularly isolated entity. Where this may cause the act of raising it, specifically, to become quite confusing.

Like, where are we raising it to anyhow?

We get it, and this is precisely why here at MindValley University we have taken the concept of consciousness and broken it down into 5 distinct stages.

Thus allowing us to objectively analyze a path of growth where we can set and achieve realistic and attainable goals.

We can move from one stage to the next, in a synchronized pattern of consciousness raising.

The 5 Stages of raising consciousness

Vishen Lakhiani’s Becoming Limitless program takes us through a developmental process of understanding, and applying, the components of the five stages of consciousness.

  • Level 0 – Early Man
  • Level 1- Modern Man
  • Level 2 – Culture Hacker
  • Level 3 – State of Limitless
  • Level 4 – The God Mind

Level 0 & 1 — Early and modern man

Where level zero is something of the ancient past, and level 1 a location wherein nearly all the human race resides.

Level 2 — Culture hacker

Level 2 is where things begin to get very exciting!

In fact, this present moment, and your current state of inquisition, likely places you in at least a state of level 2 consciousness.

You’ve begun to question your reality, and you are seeking answers of a higher realm of understanding.

You’ve already begun your journey towards your own limitless potential.

Level 3 — State of limitless

As we enter this third level, a state of limitlessness, things begin to quite dramatically deviate from our standard definitions of ‘the norm’.

You’re tapped into a deep, intuitive sense of what you should be doing in life to really contribute… When you’re in this state you have a mission, a clear vision, and you embody your purpose so fully that it seems as though the universe itself has your back.

— Vishen Lakhiani, Mindvalley CEO and Founder

A beautiful state of mind to be in, my friends, and one we’d like to see all of you achieve.

So the best way, truly, to get started with consciousness raising?

The answer lies within Becoming Limitless!

Level 4 — The god mind

Level four is a very unique place that most of us really only ever tap into for brief moments. It’s a special and perhaps indescribable experience, that we are all still actively, diligently, in pursuit of.

Outside of all this, certainly, there are some things that we can do to get started on our own.

Becoming Objectively Aware

how to raise your consciousness

At the peak of any spiritual awakening, this god-like place that we speak of, there exists a capacity for a complete and absolute state of objective self-awareness.

And this, my friends, is where the hierarchy of complexities becomes actually quite simple.

“What is objective awareness?” you ask.

Objective awareness, put simply, is becoming aware of the fact that you are indeed a self-aware being.

Not only are you capable of thinking rationally, feeling your emotions, and experiencing life, but you are also capable of thinking about the fact that all of this is true.

As we become aware of our awareness, a beautiful realization occurs. Perhaps, we are also capable of removing ourselves from this initial state of awareness.

That is, can we allow ourselves to analyze our rational thought process, emotions, and experiences, from an outside perspective?

Yes. The answer to this question is yes, we can.

So again, where this might initially seem rather complex, it’s actually quite simple, if we let it be.

We can practice this objective awareness in our daily lives, in every moment.

Pay attention next time you feel yourself becoming overly emotional about something. Perhaps jealous or angry, maybe sad. Try to acknowledge the onset of this emotion before you act on it.

Analyze your experience from an outside perspective, objectify it. And thoroughly ask yourself if you truly need to act upon it as you may have initially.

Step one in consciousness raising lies in this first moment.

Where you not only ask yourself this question, but simultaneously realize that actually, no, you do not need to act out.

From here, simply apply this tact to the daily unfolding of life, more and more frequently.

Thus initiating the perhaps never-ending ascent, of consciousness raising.

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Have you ever experienced a moment of full objective awareness? How about a time when you thought real hard about an emotion, and why you felt the way you did? Ultimately deciding that you didn’t need to act on that emotion.

Share your stories with us in the comments below, as we’d love to hear about your journey towards becoming limitless.



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