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Soul How To Connect With Your Partner Using Energy Medicine

How To Connect With Your Partner Using Energy Medicine

Can you apply energy healing techniques with your partner to strengthen your relationship?

Donna Eden and her partner David Feinstein often are asked these questions. And the answer is: yes! As human beings, we all have an energy about us.

Have you ever walked into a room and noticed the energy that people give off to each other? This is how you attract like-minded people towards yourself, it’s all based on the energy you illuminate.

So what happens when you get into a relationship? When two people get together in a relationship, you feed off each other’s energy. And over time, two people’s energies can become stagnated resulting in a disconnection between partners.

How do you reconnect with your partner? Donna Eden and her partner David Feinstein have some tips in the video above.

When all your energies are brought into harmony, your body flourishes. And when your body flourishes, your soul has a soil in which it can blossom in the world.

— Donna Eden

What Are Energy Healing Techniques?

You can restore the chemistry between two people with Energy Medicine using energy healing techniques together that are designed to heal yourself. Of course, what benefits you, benefits your partner, and vice versa.

In the video above, you’ll discover:

  • A Daily Energy Routine that couples can practice every day to improve your relationship.
  • A very interesting technique specifically designed to do with your partner called the “spinal flush.
  • The results of doing a “spinal flush” remove negative energy between partners and restore love.

Watch the video above to learn how to do it, and then go ahead and try it on your partner to see how it works.

The next time you’d have an argument, try applying it.

You’ll instantly clear out the negative energy, leaving the two of you with the ability to reconnect again and resolve issues in a loving way.

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Three Benefits of Energy Healing In Troubled Relationships

For so many troubled relationships, it’s common to experience disagreements on a regular basis. This creates a bridge between two people, who might really love each other, but can’t seem to get past their problems.

When two people are feeling anxious in their relationship, they are experiencing an energy flow blockage. When you connect with your partner using energy medicine, here are the following benefits:

  • Removal of Energy Blocks – When couples under go energy medicine therapy, both of you will be able to remove that block of energy coming in between you two. By removing this block, you will have a better understanding of your situation.
  • Restore Positivity – Positive energy helps couples reconnect with their feelings for each other. Remember when you first fell in love? Energy medicine therapy brings back those feelings to the first time when you met.
  • Connect on a Spiritual Level – Being aware of your partner’s feelings through energy medicine therapy helps you to become compassionate and empathetic towards your partner.  It promotes spiritual growth and you connect on a deeper level.

Did you try the spinal flush on your partner after watching the video above? And what was it like for both yourself and your spouse?

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Written by
Donna Eden