What Will College Look Like In The Future?

Has your college experience made you a happier, more fulfilled, more loving, and more connected human being? We believe that’s what college in the future will be about. In the video above you get a glimpse of what this looks like at Mindvalley U, college reinvented.

About This Video

What will college look like in the future? Only time can truly tell. But here we present you with a future forward vision that’s already come to fruition: Mindvalley U.

Mindvalley U challenges:

  • Is a four year full-time program really the ultimate way to learn the skills you most need in this day and age?
  • Does a campus need to have a permanent location?
  • Do we really need to learn in age groups?
  • And should college mainly be about knowledge transference or could it be a greater source of inspiration and place for community building?

Are you ready to learn from living legends, like “Super Brain” Jim Kwik and “The Brain Of Triathlon” Ben Greenfield, and make new, inspiring friends from all over the world?

Are you ready for the future of personal growth, education, and community? Join us at our next event, Mindvalley University City Campus , in Pula, Croatia in June 24 – July 20, 2019.

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