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Soul How To Clear Mental Clutter With Sacred Geometry

How To Clear Mental Clutter With Sacred Geometry

We are living in a world full of distractions and it’s getting more and more challenging for us to keep our focus. In this video, Jeffrey Allen shares an interesting technique to clear your mental clutter with sacred geometry.

About The Video

Do you carry your work and worries home with you?

We have more and more on our mind in the modern world: family, work, finances and friends. Even when we leave the office or home, our attention stays divided because we still receive updates through texts or emails.

We end up subconsciously thinking of multiple projects and people at the same time, and it’s slowing us down: we’re less efficient when we’re working and less rejuvenated after we rest.

How can we learn to disconnect from a project or relationship, so that we can choose when to give our undivided attention?

In this 15-minute excerpt from our new masterclass, energy healer and spiritual teacher Jeffrey Allen shares how to use sacred geometry to manage the complexity of life.

Watch the video to learn:

  • (0:56) — A powerful visualization that helps you create a home of inner calmness;
  • (6:41) — How to rapidly refocus on any project;
  • (8:11) — Vishen Lakhiani’s secrets for energy work and sacred geometry;
  • (10:33) — The ancient history and purposes of sacred geometry.

The best part of this exercise? You don’t need to be serious — playing with energy is fun, and this exercise is best practiced with amusement, curiosity, and love.

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Written by
Jeffrey Allen