These 14 Classic Brain Teaser Riddles Will Put Your Mind To The Test

These 14 Classic Brain Teaser Riddles Will Put Your Mind To The Test

Riddles are a form of brain teaser that comes in the form of a short story, statement, or question. They’re equal parts entertaining and bewildering and if you’re not careful, they’ll leave you with a headache.

So, what makes brain teaser riddles so engaging?  

We challenge ourselves with these brain teasers because they ask us to think in unique and innovative ways. We think we know the answer. But then we realize the answer can only be found by exercising our minds in an entirely new way.

9 Classic Adult Riddles To Test Your Intuitive Problem-Solving

When is the last time you encountered a riddle that left you feeling totally stumped? These brain teaser riddles will challenge you to think outside the box. Let’s see how many you can guess correctly!

    1. With the rich, I am blue, with the poor, I am red, with the bear I am warm, and with the frog, I am cool. What am I?
    2. What has two ends and no beginning?
    3. A construction worker fell from a 100-foot ladder, yet suffered not a scratch. How is this possible?
  1. I have a bed but never sleep. I have a mouth but never eat. What am I?
  2. Robert’s father has three sons: Curly, Larry, and ________?
  3. You just bought a one-storey 100-year-old house with its original oak floors still intact. The inspector comes to look at the house and is astonished because the stairs are made of _________?
  4. It belongs to you but is used by everyone except for you. What is it?
  5. I may be light as a feather but almost no one can hold me for very long. What am I?

9. If a rooster laid a brown egg, a yellow egg, and a white egg, what sort of chicks would hatch from each?

riddles for kids with answers

5 Riddles For Kids With Answers

These 5 brain teaser riddles for kids are suitable for all ages! How many can you get correct?

  1. I must be broken open before you can enjoy me. What am I? 
  2. I have an eye but cannot see. What am I? 
  3. I may be full of keys but I’m unable to open a single door. What am I? 
  4. I can be as small as an ant, as large as an elephant, I don’t weigh a thing, and you can never lose me. What am I? 
  5. No one can throw me, but everyone catches me once in awhile. What am I? 

9 Classic adult riddles (The answers)

Ready to check your mental prowess? Here are the answers to the brain teaser riddles above:

  1. Blood.
  2. A rope.
  3. He fell from the bottom rung.
  4. A river.
  5. Robert.
  6. What stairs? It’s a one-storey house.
  7. Your name.
  8. Your breath.
  9. Roosters don’t lay eggs.

5 Riddles for kids (The answers)

Did you enjoy solving the 5 riddles for kids? How many could you guess? Evaluate your progress by checking the answers:

  1. An egg.
  2. A needle.
  3. A piano.
  4. A shadow.
  5. A cold.

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