Learn To Read A Book A Week Like Elon Musk With Brain Coach Jim Kwik

Elon Musk, Oprah Winfrey and most other CEOs read a book a week. In the video above Brain Coach Jim Kwik teaches you how to do that too.

 About The Video

Did you ever wonder how successful people become… successful?

The leaders, game-changers, and experts all have one habit in common: They read.

In fact, the average CEO reads 4 – 6 books a month, but the average person reads only 2 books a year. Yet this habit is arguably the best way to accelerate your life, skill mastery, and career.

After all, if you want to learn how the best strategies for branding yourself or your business, then why not learn from marketing experts who have spent their lives studying that topic?

You’re basically downloading decades worth of wisdom from a single document.

Luckily, finding time to read without distractions isn’t as hard as it sounds.

Jim Kwik, the brain coach to companies like Virgin, Nike, and Zappos, shares in this video simple strategies to read faster and remember more. And you don’t even have to learn how to speed read.

Discover How To Develop A Bulletproof Memory, Unshakeable Focus, And Superhuman Productivity with Jim Kwik’s Superbrain Quest.

Are you inspired to pick up the books that have been sitting on your shelf?

What’s the first book you’re going to pick up?

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