CMO Of Zumba On How Billion Dollar Ideas Come To You

Billion dollar ideas don’t come when you want them.

They come when you need them. They come when you notice a real problem and figure out an insightful solution.

But many entrepreneurs make the mistake of believing that they can “manifest” billion dollars out of nowhere. People chase the idea of ideas, instead of simply taking a profound look at the world around them.

Yes, we all want to know what works. But what works for others might not work for you — because it’s not your truth.

So how do you find and step into your truth?

How To Find The Courage To Listen To Your Truth

Data drives our reality. Comparisons show us our position in the world. Metrics tell a story of our success.

None of these things is false, but any one of the above factors only tells us a part of our story. The most important factor in your success is your ability to find a truth that works for you. This truth can come in any shape.

For Jeffrey Perlman, the former Global CMO for Zumba, this truth came in the form of understanding what the Zumba brand wanted to be. Because he listened, he built Zumba from a $2 million dollar company to a $1 billion company. Zumba even became Inc Magazine’s Company of the Year.

And in this video from Mindvalley’s A-Fest 2016 Mexico, Jeffrey addresses how he faced the inevitabilities when billion-dollar ideas came to him while building the Zumba brand.

It took courage for him to step into the truth of the brand. It takes courage to listen to how your idea wants to manifest instead of superimposing what you think you should do in your personal life or your career life.

Within 5 minutes, you’ll discover the stages to help you face unavoidable realities when starting your business.

  • (0:00) — How harnessing an idea is a lot like parenting — and why that means that before your ideas come to fruition you’ll need to take this one step;
  • (1:24) — How Jeffrey made difficult decisions about the company’s integrity while maintaining profitability and the company’s business partnerships;
  • (2:50) — Why Zumba took the feedback they received and how they turned it into a unique approach to prayer to build their billion dollar company;
  • (3:30) — Why it’s necessary to find your company’s voice, and the special advice Jeffrey has about referencing other companies’ business models.

Here’s a strong takeaway from the talk to remember about making your ideas a reality:

It’s like parenting —  you want your kid to be whatever he wants to be. Not whatever you or the world impose on him.

— Jeffrey Perlman

If this talk excites you, watch this video to discover how you can expand your vision.

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How did you face the inevitable realities of your business?

And how would you approach your billion dollar ideas?

Share your insights with us in the comments below.

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