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The Best Of Your "Love Letters"

The Best of your "love letters"

We receive thousands of emails and messages from our customers monthly, and our dedicated Customer Support team (the guys above) will work their way through each email with great care so that help is given, matters are resolved and expectations are met. Our products are personal to our customers, so we too take our customers personally.

We also ask each customer for the teeny weeny favor of leaving a review on the quality of service given by our agents, as well as how much they liked the product they purchased.

Mindvalley Customer Support Team

A lot of the time, we receive the best kind of feedback – news that our products and our services have helped improve lives, spark change and inspire growth.

Some of these “love letters” are so beautifully written and inspiring, we decided they should be shared with the rest of the world!

Hence our tribe stories, where we hand-pick your most awesome reviews and feedback to feature on our blog.

So follow us on tumblr! In the mean time, here are some of the best of your love letters:

P.S. – We love you back 🙂

Customer Love Tumblr


Customer Love Tumblr

Customer Love Tumblr

Customer Love Tumblr



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