Exploring Different Beliefs Around Friendships

How often do you set goals for your friendships?

We’ve been taught to aim high when it comes to our careers, our intimate relationships, and even our own personal wellbeing.

Goal setting, as we know, is a powerful technique for pinpointing what you really want, and then going after it with laser-sharp focus — removing any distractions along the way.

But friendships often get overlooked — and we aren’t encouraged to analyze them with the same precision we use in other areas of our lives.

This can a problem because good friendships are crucial to living a happy life.

What we don’t often realize is that friendships are a dynamic evolving concept, and the best kinds of friendships are those that grow with us… although this isn’t always the case.

This means that friends from years past — from college, school, or an old workplace — can sometimes fall out of touch with where you are in your life now, and even negatively impact you.

I explain in this 3-minute video why setting goals for your friendships make it easier to see when you’ve outgrown a friend — and whether you should make the difficult decision of keeping them in your life or letting them go.

The Highlights Of The Video

  • (0:09) — Why you need to mention friendships on your bucket list;
  • (0:35) — Study that explains the magic ingredient for happiness;
  • (1:26) — An important question about your beliefs around friendships you need to ask yourself as your life starts to become extraordinary.

The people we choose to keep around us influence our life decisions, from career choices to romantic relationships. They encourage us to follow our dreams, to aim high, and they provide valuable insight when we need guidance and reassurance.

With this in mind, why wouldn’t you prioritize who you let in — and keep in — your inner circle?

Check out this short video to find out why setting goals for friendships can help improve your quality of life, and then join in the conversation about whether or not it’s a good idea to hang onto old friendships, or let them go — so you always surround yourself with people who elevate and inspire you.

What does friendship mean to you? Share in the comments below.

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