2 Steps To Follow In Your Quest To Be The Best By Bo Eason

What does it take to be the best in life? We all want to attract the right people into our lives — potential friends, lovers or clients.

To do this, the most successful leaders have learned how to tap into the innate power of attraction (think Lisa Nichols or Steve Jobs).

So how do we become undeniably magnetic?

Self-confidence is the main trait that attracts others towards you. If you display confidence in the way you talk and present yourself to others, then nothing can dampen your spirit. Having a confident attitude makes you a magnet for others. 

About The Video

In this 6-minute snippet from A-Fest Mexico, NFL superstar and performance coach, Bo Eason, shares how to master your life narrative and captivate your audience.

We’re all looking to connect to someone; Bo Eason shows you how to be that person.

Bo shares:

  • The most powerful lesson from the greatest movement coaches and the Nuba Tribe in Africa on becoming invincible and successful.
  • The element you need to use in order to up-level the power of your personal story.
  • The reason you should follow these 2 steps in your “Quest To Be The Best.”

Watch the video above to discover how to use your story to create unthinkable success.

Who is Bo Eason?

Bo Eason started his career as a professional football player in the NFL and played safety for four seasons for the Houston Oilers. He then played for the San Francisco 49ers. During his 5-year football career, Bo became one of the top players in the NFL.

Upon retiring from the NFL, Bo turned to act and performed in various theatre productions. He took acting very seriously and trained with well-renowned acting and movement coaches, Jean-Lous Rodrigue, and Larry Moss.

Drawing from the acting techniques he learned from his acting coaches, Bo applied those techniques to teach others to become great actors, business speakers, and professional storytellers.

Today, Bo continues to be a well-sought out public speaker and dedicates himself to helping others find their voice to become effective and persuasive communicators.

He is also a popular TV personality and made guest appearances on shows like Bill Maher, Fox Sports Net, ESPN, and CNN.

What Does It Take To Be The Best?

As human beings, Bo talks about how we are the most powerful beings in the world. When we want something, we will do anything to get it.

Let’s take the most basic example that human beings face every day – hunger. When we are hungry, we cook a meal, eat at a restaurant, or order something to eat. That act of eating fulfills our needs.

On a grander scale, when we dream about becoming a successful person we think of ways to become an expert leader in our field.

We set goals for ourselves to obtain that success. Inevitably, we work hard to be regarded as an expert leader, and that makes us feel fulfilled.

Bo believes that with his 2-step program you can become an inspirational leader and captivate your audience with your life story.

Can you think of any charismatic leaders that followed these 2 steps for masterful storytelling?

Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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