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Performance How To Become A Genius In Your Passion Without Giving Up Anything

How To Become A Genius In Your Passion Without Giving Up Anything

Do you want to master your own art? Are you ambitious to become the best at what you do? Listen to this 4-minute video with Jon Butcher where he shares how you can become a genius in any subject.

About The Video

Jon Butcher is a serial entrepreneur and the creator of Lifebook. What sets him apart from most authors on performance and lifestyle design is that he actually never aspired to be a personal growth teacher.

All he had was an obsession to make his businesses, his relationships, and every other area of his life as extraordinary as possible. He had a non-negotiable commitment to himself to become the best at everything he does and to never settle for mediocrity.

The result? His businesses have reached $10 Billion in sales in the past 30 years, his marriage remained a passionate love affair, and his life quality exceeded all his expectations.

He wasn’t born with a special ability or advantage. He just followed a few simple principles which he explains in this video.

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Written by
Jon and Missy Butcher