Denis Waitley Reveals How To Be Your Best Coach And Not Your Worst Critic

How do you train yourself to consistently overcome challenges and meet your goals?

How do you learn how to deliver mind-blowing results?

What does it require to be exceptional?

Denis Waitley shares a few common techniques on how to become your own best coach through psycholinguistics – the study of the relationship between linguistics and psychological processes.

And it all starts with a simple concept: “When the mind talks, the body listens and acts accordingly.”

Our Brain’s Negativity Bias

Imagine this.

After accomplishing almost everything on your to-do list today, you’re feeling pretty good about yourself. You’re organizing your desk when a co-worker makes an offhand comment that irritates you. You know it’s not that big of a deal — if it was, you would’ve said something right then.

Instead, you try to let it go. But as much as you try, you can’t help but mull it over in the car. To make matters worse, you’re stuck in stop-and-go traffic and have the next 40 minutes to replay the offending comment on a loop.

Sound familiar? You probably didn’t have to “imagine” that scenario because you can think back to a time where a scenario like that actually did happen.

Experiences like the one above are pretty common because of how our minds work.

Turns out your brain is built to focus on the negative — in your thoughts, in your memories, and in your language. Your brain evolved to have a greater sensitivity to the negative things happening in your environment (external and internal) in order to help you survive.

But there’s a catch.

This built-in tendency of the brain to focus on the negative keeps us safe but not necessarily happy. It tells us what we want to avoid but doesn’t help us figure out what to replicate.

And the key to long-lasting anything — happiness, joy, health, success, abundance — is to figure out how to replicate what we want again and again.

In order to be happy or successful, we have to actually flip this ability around and focus on the positive, not the negative. That’s where psycholinguistics comes in.

Psycholinguistics And The Psychology Of Winning

In the video above, bestselling author and America’s greatest coach, Denis Waitley, shares one of the key secrets to success. As a man who has trained NASA astronauts, winning US Olympians, Super Bowl champions, and business titans, he’s seen what it takes to live up to your potential.

Watch the video above to learn which silent conversations champions use as the starting point of success.

What is your biggest challenge when it comes to self-talk? And what do you tell yourself to increase your chances of success?

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